More bad news: iPhone 4 allegedly shocks Chinese man into a coma

More bad news: iPhone 4 allegedly shocks Chinese man into a coma
If you've been following the news the last week or so, you probably have heard something about an alleged electrocution by an iPhone 5 of a woman later identified as Chinese flight attendant Ma Ailun who paid the highest price as a result.

Today, news broke that a man in China has suffered a similar faith, fortunately, there's still hope for him. On July 8, Wu Jiantong, 30, has been admitted into a Beijing hospital after getting electrocuted while, allegedly, connecting his iPhone 4 to a charger. He has been into a coma since then.

Now we know what you're thinking, and this has been on our minds as well – smartphones by themselves can't possibly produce a zap potent enough to seriously wound - it has got to be a non-original charger or something of that sort. Alas, in the case of Ma Ailun, her sister has taken to Sina Weibo (Chinese Twitter equivalent) warning people of using their iPhones while charging and confirming that her sister's iPhone was bought last December from an authorized Apple store and was, in fact, still under warranty. The offending smartphone has been handed over to the authorities for investigation. We're yet to hear more details surrounding the electrocution of Mr. Jiantong.

Cupertino hasn't remained passive in all this and has issued a statement and vowed to get to the bottom of this:

This comes after just recently, a Galaxy S3 exploded and seriously injured an 18-year old girl in Switzerland. Isolated one-in-a-billion? Let's hope so. Regardless, we're unwilling to point any fingers just yet, while we await an official report.

source: BGR


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