Road warriors, Mophie's mini charging pad will save you from becoming a cable pleb

Road warriors, Mophie's mini charging pad will save you from becoming a cable pleb
Imagine the horror - you are at the airport, or in your hotel room, and there are no Qi wireless charging surfaces around. What is a fine person to do now, plug a cable in? To spare you that demoralizing experience, Mophie has outed a complete travel kit for... you guessed it... wirelessly charging your phone.

The new Charge stream travel kit and Charge stream pad mini are meant for those who won't convenience on the go, as today's wireless chargers aren't really conducive to lugging around, so Mophie is trying to turn their concept on its head. The mini pad is indeed very minimalistic, occupies a tiny amount of space in your luggage, and can be part of a travel charging kit that also includes a 2.4A wall charger, a 2.4A car charger, and a 4.9 ft USB-A to Micro-USB cable, all wrapped in a convenient pouch.

The Charge stream pad mini has a clever non-slip design both at the top and the bottom, and charges on contact immediately after you place your Galaxy S9, iPhone X, or whatever other enabled device you have. The only ho-hum part is that it power up with 5W, which means that it will take a bit longer to pump your phone full of electrons, but the point is for it to be convenient, and make wireless charging mobile, at least more so for people on the go than it is now.

Mophie is charging (pun intended) $49.95 for the travel kit, while the mini pad is just $24.95, and both come with two-year warranty directly from Mophie, or at Best Buy. Any takers?


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1. cmdacos

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5W??? Nope...

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