Monsters from Asia: the THL 5000 with its gargantuan, 5000 mAh battery

A fortnight has, once again, gone by, and it's time we dropped whatever we were doing, and gazed eastward. In this edition of our Monsters from Asia series, we'll be taking a look at a device that may not necessarily sport the most impressive hardware currently available on the market, but it certainly excels in one certain regard: battery life.

Say hello to the THL 5000, a phone that packs a gargantuan, 5000 mAh cell in an extremely compact (all things considered), 8.9 mm thin body. Yes, you read that right, that's 5,000 mAh -- a capacity worthy of even a large-sized tablet. Indeed, battery life has shot up to the top of the food chain as of late, and that makes a whole lot of sense, seeing how even hardware for the low-to-mid tier has become capable enough to drive Android and pretty much each and every app it has to offer. But what makes the THL 5000 even more enticing is its well-rounded specs sheet that leaves very little to desire. 

Starting off with the display, the 5000 has a now standard 5-inch, 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution IPS dispaly with Gorilla Glass 3 on top for protection. The device is powered by a true octa-core MediaTek MT6592 chipset, running at 1.7GHz, and making use of a very potent, quad-core Mali 450 GPU, clocked at 700 MHz (yes, 3D games run more than fine on it). There's also 2GB of RAM coupled with healthy 32GB of (expandable) on-board storage. The THL 5000 doesn't drop the ball in terms of imaging, either, as it has a 13-megapixel Sony Exmor RS sensor (IMX135) with super-wide, f/1.8 lens at the rear, and a 5-megapixel snapper up front. In terms of extras, you also get an NXP audio amplifier for a better and richer audio output, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, FM Radio, OTG, and a wide array of gestures support, including double-tap-to-wake-up functionality, customizable quick shortcuts (e.g. draw a "c" to fire the camera when the screen is locked), and others. Unfortunately, there's no LTE here, but you do get HSDPA+ speeds of up to 42.2 Mbps.

Going back to the highlight of the THL 5000 -- its 5,000 mAh Li-Ion cell -- the unit is made by US-based start-up Amprius, and allows for such a small physical footprint due to proprietary tech that allows some 25% to 30% increase in capacity without a subsequent increase in size. What's more, the THL 5000 supports Quick Charging (though exact figures are not provided as of yet), and can even be used to charge other devices. According to figures provided by THL (which honestly sound a bit frugal), the unit is good for up to 1,000 hours of standby time, 47 hours of talk time, 11 hours of web browsing over Wi-Fi, 125 hours of music playback, and 11.6 hours of video playback. Now that's what you call endurance.

Unfortunately, the THL 5000 is still a few short days away from mass commercialization, and most wholesalers have it up for pre-order. That said, the approximate sum you'll be expected to dole out should the THL 5000 catch your fancy, circles around $299. Not at all bad for what you get in return!

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1. gigaraga

Posts: 1454; Member since: Mar 29, 2013

The standby times and talk times seem pretty high, but the video watching seems somewhat low? The G Flex can do 20 hours and that 'only' has 3500mAh not to mention the web browsing time is close as well...something tells me that this 5000mAh drains faster when the screen is on (for this phone)

2. vuyonc

Posts: 1089; Member since: Feb 24, 2014

The video playback and Web browsing time compares to today's flagships :\

17. engineer-1701d unregistered

Now thats what I call battery upgrade

18. Ashoaib

Posts: 3276; Member since: Nov 15, 2013

only china is experimenting different things on phones instead of gimicky things

3. Planterz

Posts: 2120; Member since: Apr 30, 2012

Mediatek...blech. And no mention of connectivity. LTE? I kinda doubt it. HSPA+ 42.2? 21.1? 3G? What does it have?

4. Chris.P

Posts: 567; Member since: Jun 27, 2013

No LTE with MediaTek right now. HSDPPA+ 42.2. Updated the post.

8. Planterz

Posts: 2120; Member since: Apr 30, 2012


5. NotAGeek

Posts: 279; Member since: Jan 26, 2014

FHD screen with mediatek chip?

7. StraightEdgeNexus

Posts: 3689; Member since: Feb 14, 2014

Not new, you'll find plenty of such stupid configurations.

6. StraightEdgeNexus

Posts: 3689; Member since: Feb 14, 2014

Hope they make a WP version of it. Even if I'm not buying it, more competition is good for us.

9. NokiaFTW

Posts: 2072; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

Aren't Samsung, LG, HTC, and Micromax Asian companies? Why aren't their "monsters" included in this list?

10. Jason2k13

Posts: 1459; Member since: Mar 28, 2013

funny thing is, almost all phone manufactures are from Asia, including the now 'Motorola'.

11. StraightEdgeNexus

Posts: 3689; Member since: Feb 14, 2014

Apple i mean foxconn too.

12. rahul.niks

Posts: 86; Member since: Oct 31, 2013

I will buy it if it is not heavy and doesn't have bugs like most Chinese phones have, but i guess it is not Chinese, doesn't mentioned which country is THL is?

13. jaytai0106

Posts: 1888; Member since: Mar 30, 2011

THL is coming out of China

14. elitewolverine

Posts: 5192; Member since: Oct 28, 2013

root it

15. jaytai0106

Posts: 1888; Member since: Mar 30, 2011

Yup, just flash pure Android onto it :D

16. StraightEdgeNexus

Posts: 3689; Member since: Feb 14, 2014

This is powered by crappy mediatek chipset, bro. No bootloader unlocking, no source codes, so no AOSP ROMs.

19. WahyuWisnu

Posts: 1001; Member since: May 29, 2014

This phone will make phone reviewer like phone arena take weeks to complete the battery test, and lots of $$ to do the phone call stamina test. lol

21. Zoealandy

Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 30, 2014

I've check all reseller price, found a best offer at, only $262.99, share it with everyone here~~


Posts: 55; Member since: Nov 15, 2014

now, just 208 eur on think its the most low price.


Posts: 55; Member since: Nov 15, 2014

ThL 5000; a beast phone, cool name.​2go-16go-5-0-pouces-5000mah-batterie-ips-ecran-cor​ning-iii-gorilla-glass-noir.html

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