Mobile phones in the UK to test you for STDs

Mobile phones in the UK to test you for STDs
Apparently the notorious British desire for privacy has resulted in small test kits developed by doctors and techies, which can tell you what sexually transmitted disease you've caught last upon hooking it up to your cell phone or laptop.

We could make all sorts of jokes here, but we will restrain ourselves, and just relay the info that the test kits will be "about the size of an USB chip", whatever that is, but we guess it's small. You can place your urine or saliva samples on it, and then connect it to your smartphone or computer to read the results.

Studies have shown that people are somewhat reluctant to go to the doctor with the suspicion they have an STD, so this is designed to remedy the situation. Next stop - antibiotics dispenser, hooked up to your iPhone.

source: Guardian

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