Mini-SIMs introduced by Orange UK to reduce waste

Mini-SIMs introduced by Orange UK to reduce waste
In trying to reduce global waste, Orange UK is the first operator in Europe to use its Mini-SIMs. Your first thought is probably a smaller and slimmer version of the current SIM cards that are available. Actually it is referring to the packaging of how SIMs are stored and placed for sale. You might not notice it as much when you purchase a cell phone because the person selling you the device is opening it and trying to get it activated before you leave the store. At some point, they removed the SIM card from it's packaging and insert it into the slot on your device. So what Orange UK is introducing is just a reduced form of that packaging, which is traditionally the size of a credit card, to further their Green initiative. Billions of SIMs have been given away and you can only imagine how much waste is contributed when those plastic packages are thrown away. Although it's a small step right now, it can profoundly impact cost and savings in the long run.

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