Minecraft is now out on the Apple TV


On its way to appear on every platform imaginable, Minecraft has finally launched on the Apple TV. The game is a separate purchase from its iOS counterpart ($6.99), includes a bunch of DLC content, and costs $19.99. This release of Minecraft is on par with the console versions of the game pricing-wise, but tries to make up for it by coming bundled with three skin packs, three texture packs, this and last year's Holiday DLC packs, and various other content to sweeten the deal.

Unfortunately, this version of Minecraft is also missing a few things that may turn off some long-time fans of the franchise. Namely, the multiplayer server hosting service Minecraft Realms does not work with the Apple TV version, and there is no Xbox Live support yet. Developer Mojang is promising that these features will find their way to the game in upcoming updates, however, so multiplayer shenanigans in voxel land should be possible soon enough on the Apple TV.

Minecraft for the Apple TV also includes the Ender Update that adds an additional dimension to the game's singleplayer mode, called The End, as well as the fearsome Ender Dragon. If you want to give this version of Minecraft a try, grab your Apple remote and download it from the Apple TV App Store.

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