Microsoft is America's “most inspiring company”


For the last few years, PerformanceInspired, a consulting firm, has been publishing the results of theirannual surveys that rank the top 25 companies that Americans deem mostinspirational. Published by Forbes, this year's winner is Microsoft,having dethroned Apple after its streak of two consecutive years ofbeing ranked as America's most inspiring company.

The survey was conducted online andcollected detailed responses from nearly 5,000 consumers. Apart from the obvious, the goal of the surveywas to complement existing findings from the company, which claim thatinspiring companies manage to part more dough from the firm grip ofcustomers. Moreover, according to the research, companies high on thelist usually have a consumer base that is more willing to go on anevangelizing spree about how great the former are.

Back to Microsoft, the software gianthas scored a lot of points with consumers for its wide range ofphilanthropic work. And we're not just talking about the Ben andMelinda Gates Foundation here – Microsoft as a company has raised over a$1bn and has donated those to over 31,000 non-profits since the early80s. The culture of giving, indeed, appears to be quite big in theRedmont – for example, the company will match an employee'scharitable giving dollar for dollar, up to a whopping $12,000.

Microsoft isn't the only tech companyto make an appearance, though. Occupying spot number seven is Google,with Amazon trailing right behind, as number eight. Apple appears tohave lost its touch in the eyes of some, for the company has droppedall the way down to the No. 12 spot.

source: Forbes

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