Microsoft files a trademark that covers the look of the WP7 homescreen

Microsoft files a trademark that covers the look of the WP7 homescreen
There’s no denying that Windows Phone 7 has a unique look that hasn’t been seen before – making its homescreen interface one of the initial draws for first time lookers. However, it seems that Microsoft is so in love with the design of its homescreen interface that they decided to file a trademark covering the look of its homescreen.

You heard that right folks, Microsoft wants to make sure that no one else comes along to conjure up something that remotely emulates the look of their homescreen layout. The portrait only look of the WP7 homescreen is colorfully made up of various tiles that are placed closely to one another – not to mention that some of them have an animated look.

There’s nothing wrong with filing a trademark for it, especially when it’s obviously something extremely appealing to look at, but it makes you wonder if they’ll ever come around to enable it for landscape view.

source: USPTO via MobileCrunch


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