Microsoft Surface tablet handles 7 USB gadgets at a time in this video

Microsoft Surface
You know what the Microsoft Surface tablet has that the iPad doesn't? Everyone who answered "a full-sized USB port" deserves a thumbs-up! That notable feature lets the owner connect a USB thumb drive to the device or even hook up a keyboard and a mouse with the help of a USB hub. 

Yet the guys at Channel Metro decided to take things to the next level and have some fun along the way. While checking out their Microsoft Surface tablet, they connected not one, not two, but 7 different gadgets to the device! 

Actually, there were a total of 8 gadgets hooked up to the tablet, if we take the 7-port USB hub they used into account. The rest were a 2TB external hard drive, an HP printer, an iPod, a Nokia X3-02, an XBOX 360 controller, a 2GB USB thumb drive, and the receiver for a wireless mouse.

Check out the video below if you want to see the Microsoft Surface in action while listening to tech jargon in Italian!

source: Channel Metro (YouTube) via Microsoft News

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