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Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro debuts in video

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro debuts in video
Microsoft focuses on productivity and wants you to “do more” with the Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet which will be available on February 9th.

Microsoft provides a light overview of the Surface Windows 8 Pro. The form factor will be familiar to anyone that has seen or handled a Surface running Windows RT. The big differentiators between the tablets are that the Pro runs the full version of Windows 8 allowing you to run legacy applications, has an Intel i5 processor, a bit more RAM and more storage. The Pro also has a higher resolution 1920x1080 screen, bigger battery, and is a little heavier at just about 2 pounds.

The Surface Pro also comes with a stylus as part of the package, using Penabled technology by Wacom which allows the Surface to ignore your hand pressing against the screen when using the stylus for writing. One thing we do not see in the video is anywhere to stow the stylus in the tablet, which may concern some folks that have a propensity to lose things. However it is a full sized instrument, like a regular pen, so it will fit in your pocket protector just fine.

The Surface Windows 8 Pro can use the same Touch Cover or Type Cover, the former coming in all sorts of colors and limited edition styles, as the Surface RT. For those that have been waiting for the full Windows 8 experience in that sleek magnesium chassis, the time is coming soon. Are you going to pick up a Surface Windows 8 Pro?

source: Microsoft (YouTube) via WPCentral

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