Micron delivers phase-change memory to market, super fast smartphone storage nearing

Micron delivers phase-change memory to market, super fast smartphone storage nearing
Ever wondered how your smartphone magically stores your stuff? Well, inside it is a little piece of silicon – a NAND memory chip, where all the data is being safely kept. A new technology, however, is likely to emerge as an alternative to silicon-based memory chips. It is called phase-change memory (PCM), and the first mass-produced samples are already available from Micron.

The chips that are currently in production are 1Gb (128 megabytes) in size, with an additional 512Mb (64 megabytes) of volatile memory included, which makes them suitable for use in feature phones. Future models, however, will be of greater capacity and might end up being used in smartphones and tablets. What makes the PCM chips better than conventional NAND flash memory is that they can theoretically reach read speeds of 400 megabytes per second. As the technology evolves, it might even replace the kinds of RAM modules that smartphone makers currently use. Last but not least, PCM memory is energy efficient, which should help prolong the battery life of devices it is used in.

For more info about PCM and the way it works, check out the demo video that we have embedded below. 

source: Micron via Engadget


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