Micro USB cable and light combine to bring needed light in the darkness

Micro USB cable and light combine to bring needed light in the darkness
This is a simple concept and makes one wonder how something like this is not already on the market.

It’s dark and you’re lying in bed. Your smartphone is on your bedside table, you realize that you forgot to plug it into its micro USB charger. Do you turn on your bedroom light and zap your eyeballs with sudden light? Or, maybe you fumble around in the dark feeling for your charging cable.

Once you get the cable in hand, you have to line up the plug so you don’t break anything. You can always light up your phone and check the orientation of the plug, then use a sense of feel to guide everything in place.

Dustin Orndorff has a solution for you, a light-up USB cable. The concept is indeed simple, a small LED embedded in the USB connector that lights up with the push of a button. This is a far more subtle solution compared to some products out there that light up the entire cable like a rave accessory.

A relatively modest goal of $9,000 has been set up on Kickstarter to get this cable to market. With 25 days to go, they are already about a third of the way there. If this is the light you have been looking for, check out the source link. The “early bird” prices are not expensive and delivery is expected in April 2013.

source: USB Micro Light Charger (Kickstarter)

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