MetroPCS reported a net income of $80 million during Q2 2010

MetroPCS reported a net income of $80 million during Q2 2010
As much as some would argue that we're still recovering from the economic downturn that has engulfed the entire planet for the better part of the last couple of years, the mobile industry is looking like it's booming; especially the pre-paid sector. One of the biggest players in that space, MetroPCS, recently announced its Q2 2010 earnings report. Their momentum is continuing to move forward at full steam ahead since they reported total revenues of $1 billion – which is considerably improved at 18 percent above what they did in the year ago term. In addition, they were able to pull out a net income of $80 million during the period which is up 205 percent from the same period last year where they hauled in $26 million. There's no arguing that they're attracting customers with their competitive pricing structures and ever growing handset lineup that's branching out to meet the demand. So it's no wonder that the wireless carrier reported that they've been able to obtain 1.4 additional subscribers during the last 12 months. Roger D. Linquist, CEO & President of MetroPCS said, “We are on track for our initial 4G LTE launch in selected metropolitan areas in the second half of this year. Our goal is to provide our pay-in-advance subscribers a 4G experience equivalent to that which will be enjoyed by traditional post-pay customers.”

source: MetroPCS




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If only their service was good. But it sucks! Dropped calls, texts delivered hours after there sent..sigh.

2. jpropin

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Around my part of Cali, people are flocking to Metro in droves and I don't hear too many complaints. I get calls and texts from alot of people with Metro and I don't have any more problems communicating with them than I do any of the other carriers. Alot of people don't want to get suckered into a 2 year contract anymore. So, I'm not surprised they are doing well. I have and like T-mobile so I'm going to stick with them, but when my current contract is up in 4 months, I'm going unlocked and switching to a no- contract Even More Plus Plan. Screw getting locked into another extended contract!


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In New York their coverage is bad.

4. JPrice

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Only place I have been where there coverage was decent was in the Tampa Bay area.

5. the13guest unregistered

Well, I am in NYC and I haven't had any problem with MetroPCS. The services is really good.

6. Guest unregistered

I'm glad to see MPCS doing well. After 4g and some Androids they should enjoy even more growth.

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