Massive update lands for Microsoft's Next Lock Screen

Massive Update Lands for Microsoft's Next Lock Screen
One of the most notable aspects of the Android OS is the ability to customize it to your heart's content. Don't like the icons that are on there by default? Throw on an icon pack to give all your app shortcuts a brand new look. Not a fan of how your home screens are set up? Download and install a new launcher to give your phone an entirely new look. The customization options that we have with Android are undeniably some of the best that we have with any mobile operating system, and that's what makes the OS such an intriguing offering for a lot of people.

One area of the Android customization spectrum that seems to have declined in popularity is that of the lock screen. New launchers are released all the time, yet fresh and customizable lock screens seem to be few and far between when compared to the world of home screen launcher replacements.

Microsoft's Next Lock Screen has been out on the Play Store since February of 2015, and it is easily one of the most popular lock screen replacements currently available. The company has been surprisingly great at updating their Android-based applications over the years, and the latest app from the Seattle-based giant to receive a major overhaul is Next Lock Screen.

The overall look and feel of Next Lock Screen remains relatively the same, as the update mostly focuses on making the user experience more refined and efficient - such as improving battery life and memory usage when the daily Bing wallpaper option is selected. Along with these, other user-reported bugs that created issues with viewing your wallpaper have been fixed as well.

Perhaps the biggest changes in this update have to do with notifications. First off, Next Lock Screen will allow you to sort and organize any notifications that you receive throughout the day, letting you place more importance on certain notifications over others. Additionally, when your phone is in your pocket, your screen will not light up when a new notification comes in. 

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The official update version for Next Lock Screen is v3.7.1, and the update is available from the Play Store now.

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