Make charging your smartphone fun with these 5 novelty portable powerbanks

Charging your smartphone can be an experience so mundane, you detest it with all your sentience. You are not-so-secretly wishing that smartphones came with batteries that never depleted, so you'd never have to bother with charging them, not charging them, forgetting to charge them, using battery savers, carrying power banks, bumming phones from friends or strangers (never works in big cities), and other dreadful inconveniences.

But it's a fact that battery innovation is going to take a long while, and we're stuck with the limits of li-ion technology for the near future. If you can't make your smartphone last forever, at least make charging fun with any of these five novelty power banks. They bring electrons and smiles, which is a considerable advantage over every nondescript, black-plastic-and-blue-LEDs power bank you own.

Pokemon Power Bank

With this 10,000 mAH power bank, you'll never run out of battery while hunting Nintendo beasts. You also won't be frowned upon for being a Pokeball-swinging adolescent/adult, because Pokemon is popular again. The gadget also features LED lights that make it glow in the dark, presumably to repel mosquitoes. There's also a string attached to the Pokemon ball, which lets you clip it to your keychain or belt loops. Of course, you can only get away with that if you are 12. You will know your Pokemon Ball portable charger is fully charged when the four little lights stop blinking and all four lights are solid. This is when all the Pokemons caught inside escape and you must catch them all over again, because life is pain.

Mainroom Studios Pizza External Power Bank

Pizza is the food of the Gods, so why not let your smartphone have a slice of the good stuff? This pizza charging bank can keep any USB-compatible mobile device at full charge. Its small size lets it fit inside your bag, purse, or backpack. Just don't try eating it, because scientists agree that lithium polymer is bad for you.

The Coca-Cola USB Power Stick

This charger delivers all the charge a can of Coke without any soda in it can muster. It's also free of artificial sweeteners and has less calories than spring water. Warning – doesn't quench thirst. Don't give it to small children, polar bears, or Santa. Don't mix with Menthos. Don't try smashing it on your forehead before throwing it in the trash. Phew, that's a lot of don't-s for a 2200 mAh powerbank!

Uforest Dog Power Bank

This powerbank is so adorable, it hurts. It may not look like it, but it contains a 6000mAh capacity battery and it's equally great for charging your smartphone and snuggles. It has both Lightning and MicroUSB inputs so it even has your iPhone sorted. And the 5V 2.0A output is good enough for charging your phone and tablet within reasonable time. What else could you ask for? Printing money?

Cdsmaan Starbucks power bank

Arguably more energizing than your Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy Nonfat Decaf Organic Frapuccino, this power bank delivers the electrons and comes in three different colors – green, pink, and yellow. It also lights up while charging and is Fair Trade. Great shot, unless you have a personal vendetta against Starbucks for some reason. In which case, we recommend calling your uncle Carlo from Sicily!


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