Lost your precious Android phone in the park? Whistle Phone Finder will help you find it


Developer: Nine HertzDownload: Android
Category: LocationPrice: Free

Losing your smartphone somewhere around the house is more embarrassing than anything. But the prospect of losing your smartphone out in the wild is more terrifying than it's ever been, thanks to all the personal data loaded on it. That's why enterprising companies and individuals were keen to invent Bluetooth stickers, keychains, and other kinds of tracking gizmos to help you localize your lost phone. 

Others, like Nine Hertz India, decided to let your phone become a dog. Not literally! They just made it respond to your whistling. Not necessarily by barking, though. It can whistle back. Or play another predefined sound that will guide you to its hideout.

Whistle Phone Finder packs its whistling algorithm inside an app with a colorful - childlike, even - user interface. If the colors are overwhelming, you can choose a different, more restrained theme. For sounds, you are free to select any audio file from your device's storage, or choose among 10 built-in apps. To aid you in location, your phone or tablet can make the camera flash pulse, or hide the notification bar. Try it, it's fun!

Whistle Phone Finder is free and you can download it from Google Play.

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