Looking for portable, reliable power with an accurate display of power flow? Meet the Fig

Looking for portable, reliable power with an accurate display of power flow? Meet the Fig
Granted, the market is crowded with extra battery units ranging in size from small-ish 2000mAh cells that will get you through the rest of the day, to large 10,000+mAh units with multiple USB ports to charge multiple devices.

All of those seem to have one thing in common though, the ubiquitous LED battery level bar of lights. Indeed, most set up in a four LED array mean to give you an idea of how much juice is available to charge. Thing is, the LEDs are marginally accurate at best, and not every external battery pack can deliver the needed power flow to all devices.

That is where the Fig comes in. This is a modern battery with the goods to tell you exactly what you have to work with. First, there is a real display that offers up not only the power left on the Fig’s battery, but also how much current is being drawn by the device you are charging.

From that, you can also determine if your device is working properly (there can be power fluctuations for lots of different reasons). Throw in a slim form factor and two available cell sizes, 6,000mAh and 10,400mAh, and a comparatively low cost, the Fig looks like it has the right combination of form and function.

Two USB plugs dole out the juice, one 5 volt at 2 amps and one 5 volt at 1 amp. The company behind the Fig, Slik-Tec, is crowd funding the final stretch. $59 will score you a 6,000mAh Fig (along with a LED flashlight gift) and $79 will net the 10,400mAh unit (also with the aforementioned LED flashlight). There is also a “Camper’s Package” which throws in a solar panel charger for $99.

There are a bunch of combos beyond those perks, ranging from $130 (for one of each) to $1000 for a bunch of camper’s kits, flashlights and an invite to a Detroit Tigers baseball game. The goal is just $15,000 over the remaining three weeks.  Some pictures and video are below.  If the Fig has what you are looking for, check it out via the source link.

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source: Fig (Indiegogo)

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