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London tattoo artist can ink your Lumia 710

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London tattoo artist can ink your Lumia 710
Love the expressive artistic styling of body art, but can’t commit to a design for the rest of your life? No worries – London tattoo artist, Simon Templeman, has launched a new service tattooing phones.

Simon, who, prior to tattooing, worked in the cell phone case industry, says the interchangeable back plates for the Nokia Lumia 710 inspired him to pursue a way to bring tattoos to a phone.

“It’s a great way to make your phone stand out,” he said. “Tattoos say a lot about people, so I thought it would be great for them to be able to put that individuality on their phone too.”

He developed a technique by fine-tuning a special airbrush. This allows him to recreate the look of a needle and ink onto the surface of a phone. He then uses layers of lacquer to seal in the design permanently. In the future he hopes to create a laser technique that will allow him to burn the design into the surface.

The great part about these covers is that, unlike appliques or cases in a store, they are unique to the customer. Simon remarked, “You can choose a colour, and I can put your favourite tattoo on it as well, making it a total one-off.”

According to Simon’s shop, IAINTNOSAINT.com, they will be updating their website soon to include an online cover shop, but interested parties can contact them directly to get more information.

London tattoo artist can ink your Lumia 710

source: IAINTNOSAINT via Nokia

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