Live wallpaper featuring Android's green droid devours apples

Live wallpaper featuring Android's green droid devours apples
Do not let its cute and cuddly nature fool you, because this green little droid, has another side that takes out it on none other than a poor apple – and even more.

This one of a kind live wallpaper called, Droid Guy Live Wallpaper, is now available to download for the usual cost of 99 cents. Now what makes it pretty interesting, aside from featuring the lovable green droid, is the fact that you can interact with it to do a host of things. Depending on the location you tap on the droid, it'll do a bunch of cute things – as well as some not so cute ones.

Specifically, it'll begin to start eating a silver looking apple, but just before it takes a bite, you can instantly see the change of mood on its face. Once it takes that deep bite, it decides that it's not worth finishing the rest and continues on to throw it away in a trash bin. Check out the video to see what other interesting things that this live wallpaper has to offer.

via PocketNow

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