LiquidSky lets you play AAA console titles straight on your Android phone — now in open beta!


LiquidSky is an interesting new service. Basically, it's catered towards those who don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a gaming rig but would like to enjoy the newest AAA titles on their... less than ideal PC. So, LiquidSky gives you access to the gaming supercomputers in their cloud for a fee. All you need is a fast and stable Internet connection and while the service isn't perfect yet, users are reporting that it can be an enjoyable experience as long as you're not playing competitive multiplayer titles, of course.

What makes the service even cooler, however, is LiquidSky's stab at jumping over to mobile. With its Android app, you can basically take your Steam / Blizzard / Origin library anywhere on the go. It supports mobile controllers, too, so you don't need to torture yourself with the dreaded touch controls! Well, it shouldn't be torture as long as you've got a reliable Internet connection. Thus far, the app was in closed testing, but now, Beta 2.0 is out and anyone can download it from the Play Store! (Android 6 Marshmallow or above required).

So, LiquidSky is not a storefront for games — you need to have your own account with your own digital purchases in any of the other large online retailers. But you do need to pay LiquidSky for the time you spend on their cloud. You can either go for the pay-as-you-go $10 plan or a $20 monthly subscription — depending on how much you play, we guess. There's a separate SkyCredits currency, which you use to choose the power grade of the machine you want to play on. Yes, SkyCredits are a separate currency that you also need to be mindful of, which may be a bit annoying. You get some when you pay for your subscription and you can "make" more credits by watching ads. SkyCredits also roll over to the next month, thankfully. There's also a Free subscription, which feeds you a bucket of ads before it gives you access, but hey — it's probably the best option if you want to test out the service before committing!

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Is anyone testing the beta? How's it working for you?

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