Leaked screenshots show Radio Shack Mobile to offer contract-free wireless service

Leaked screenshots show Radio Shack Mobile to offer contract-free wireless service
Radio Shack is apparently ready to jump into the mobile carrier business with a PAYG service. A pair of leaked screenshots shows that a Radio Shack Mobile version of the HTC One V will be one of the models that customers will get to choose from when the no-contract carrier launches. The retailer will become an MVNO for Cricket Wireless based on the paragraph listed as "Getting Started" in the picture that shows the terms and conditions for the start-up mobile operator. The number listed takes callers directly to Cricket Wireless.

There aren't that many details as far as pricing is concerned, and we haven't a word on when the service will actually launch. On the other hand, if the connection with Cricket Wireless proves true, we would imagine that the rest of Radio Shack Mobile's line up will feature some Cricket standards such as the Huawei Pillar, the Huawei Mercury and a 4.3 inch Android model rumored to be coming from Alcatel.

Radio Shack is known for jumping on the latest fads. During the CB boom of the mid 70's, the retailer offered a wide range of transceivers until the craze died out. With Radio Shack Mobile, the nationwide chain is going beyond offering smartphones with the no contract wireless service.

source: Engadget


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