Leaked Vivo Xplay 7 slides tout true 'all-screen' phone with hidden finger scanner


Make of it what you will, but it was not Samsung or Apple, and rather the Chinese phone maker Vivo (which shares a parent company with OnePlus) that showcased a working prototype of a phone with under-display finger scanner, based on its Xplay 6 model. Now, for the Xplay 7 next year, Vivo might have polished the technology enough to place it in a retail device, leaked intracompany presentation slides suggest.

Vivo uses Qualcomm's ultrasonic tech that is not as elaborate as the one from Synaptic, but given that both Apple and Samsung reportedly struggled to implement Synaptic's solution for the iPhone X and Note 8, Vivo might have made the wiser choice here. In any case, the Xplay 7 won't hit before next year, so there's plenty of time to iron out the kinks, as those who previewed the Vivo prototype at the MWC expo said it was quite slow compared to standard finger scanners we are used to.

What this under-display reader can usher in, though, is a record high screen-to-body ratio era, as you can see in the slides. Vivo touts it as 100% in the slides, but there are some apparent cutouts for the front camera and sensors, so we wouldn't go that far. Still, if this model turns out to be credible in the end, it should be a sight to behold, with the truly "all-screen" front, dual rear camera with Sony sensors and "4x zoom," as well as the Snapdragon 845 chipset coupled with 8 GB RAM that are said to be on board for the Xplay7. 

We wouldn't wait with bated breath until we have something more tangible to lean on than the supposed leaked slides here, but still the trend for minimum bezels is clear, and is only going to become more pronounced next year.

source: Weibo

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