Leaked AT&T documents compare iPhone to Pre?

Leaked AT&T documents compare iPhone to Pre?
Imagine a prizefight between the current world´s heavy-weight champion and a person not born yet. That is the feeling we got after reading what appeared to be a leaked AT&T document, comparing the iPhone 3G to the Palm Pre. The paper is basically a tool that Ma Bell's reps are supposed to use when confronted with a customer asking them to compare the two handsets. The document enrolls many of the Apple's touchscreen device features that make all Apple buffs think their beloved phone is bigger, faster, more responsive and user friendly than the Pre. For example, the iPhone 3G's 3.5 inch display is matched up favorably with the 3.1-inch screen on the Palm's device. The comparison sheet even gives the Palm a jab pointing out that Apple's touchscreen handset features a patented Multi-Touch screen technology with fast and responsive navigation. It is hard to pass a judgment on a fight if one of the contestants hasn´t even made it to the ring yet, but we're pretty sure that some people out there have already picked out the winner anyway.

source: precentral




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woot another comp between over rated phones/

2. belve14

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AT&T is hilarious trying to match up a phone that hasnt came out yet and pulling the gsm card...I think it is hard to compare the 2 when they both have very different angles. I think the pre will win with business oriented people and people that want a no hassle phone with 8 million things. The Iphone wins in the sense it has alot of apps and is a fun phone all across the board. That is a quick analysis of both phones. But all in all its really hard to compare the two right now

3. insider80

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at&t is already buggin and the phone isnt even out yet! lol there only response is uh its not gsm lmao

4. Batman809

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First of all, the Pre is GSM. Not yet for the US, but if att keeps this up it may go to tmobile. Second at&t has to let me know how to use a gsm phone on a sprint network. Especially since for $99 you have everything. With att you pay $150 and just get voice text and data. One would also think if att charges you $30 a month for data it should be reliable enough not to depend on an att hotspot.

5. The Doc

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Rather than comparing apples to apples, At&t has decided that they should list all the bads of the Pre to all the goods of the iPhone. I guess even At&t has to convince its own representatives that the iPhone is better.

6. stuntz

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ATT's response is the Pre from sprint isnt international device, thats all this really says.... Anyone smart enough could download a skype app and use that for making phone calls over wifi well off the cdma network...

7. lsutigers

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8. phone333

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LOL! I just couldn't help it, had to laugh when i saw this compairison chart. I'm not saying the Iphone is better, but c'on AT&T !!! You can do better than that. This is basically compairing colors and shapesll!!!

9. E.N.

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Calm down guys, Verizon did this too with the Blackberry Storm even before the device was ready for the public. Look how the prediciton turned out

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