Leak suggests that T-Mobile is going to charge overages with its 200MB data plan

Leak suggests that T-Mobile is going to charge overages with its 200MB data plan
Who knows whether or not T-Mobile is actually going to go forward with the move, but according to a recently leaked document, it suggests that Big Magenta is possibly reverting to an overage model instead of throttling with its 200MB data plan.

Obviously, this is a remarkable shift in change for a carrier that’s known for their “no overage” policy in the last few months – while keeping away from a structured tiered format like the competition. However, they’re changing the model with the 200MB plan “in order to remain competition.” Still, those who are on the current plan will be grandfathered in starting on August 13rh – so it’d be a good idea to get in on it now while you still can.

As it stands, customers who go over their allotment will be charged $0.10 per MB they go over. Fortunately, they’ll be aware of the possibilities of being charged ahead of time since they’ll be notified once hitting the 180MB and 200MB marks.

Even though it seems as though it's only affecting their lowest allotment data plan, we’re curious to see over time whether or not other plans will be affected as well.

source: TmoNews


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