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League of Legends: Wild Rift is finally on iPhone and Android (for beta testing)

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Wild Rift—the mobile version of Riot Games' flagship PC title, League of Legends—was promised to us ages ago, all the way back in 2019. Yet somehow all this time, the highly anticipated game has been released all over the globe except for the United States. Earlier this March, Riot Games had finally announced that the game would be making its way to mobile platforms, at long last. And they have kept their word.

Today, League of Legends: Wild Rift becomes available on both Android and iOS devices in the United States, for beta testing. 

Named after the Summoner's Rift map in the PC version, Wild Rift has been set up for shorter and faster gameplay on the go—that is, optimizing the layout and style while staying true to its signature MOBA format. Just like on PC, Games are still played in 5v5, although Riot stresses Wild Rift is made to be a different game and not a mirror of the original. 

Riot also warns, however, that because servers in the Americas use a completely different infrastructure from the rest of the world, players will be unable to match with players outside of North and South America if that is where their account is situated, even if they are abroad.

Once you get into the beta test, 9to5Mac notes, you will be able to play a series of three events to learn the ropes of the game:

  • Wild Welcome: For American players focused on unlocking content.
  • Rift-to-Rift Rewards: For players using their LoL PC account to receive free bonus content based on time and money spent on the game.
  • Wild Rift Academy: For users to learn the basics of the Wild Rift battle mechanics.

The game as well as the beta test are completely free to play, and Riot has promised to compensate for our long waiting time with "tons of Blue Motes, XP, champions, and even exclusive content from long expired events." 

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