Laugh out loud with the Cookie Monster "Hey, Siri!" ad blooper reel


As you probably know, with the iPhone 6s/6s Plus launch, Apple updated Siri so it would respond to the "Hey, Siri!" command even when the device isn't plugged to an electric outlet. It decided to let more people know about that by releasing an ad starring the Cookie Monster that was downright adorable! It showed the fuzzy blue creature of cookie loving and unadulterated grumpiness calling out Siri to time 14 minutes while he prepared a batch of his favorite dessert.

If you liked that little piece of promotion, you're going to love the blooper reel! Apple published it today, letting everyone have a laugh with the muppet protagonist's antics. It's full of laugh out loud moments such as the Cookie Monster giving the Apple Watch a burn, getting a big ol' smack on the head, and being unusually polite towards Siri. It looks like the two have really bonded after a day of shooting advertisements and cooking!

Treat yourself to the footage and don't blame it on us if it leaves you with an aching desire to consume a pack of chocolate chip cookies in entirety.

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