Latest version of Outlook plans to offer threaded email views

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Latest version of Outlook plans to offer threaded email views
Android’s integration of Gmail is worth noting because it sets the bar in terms of presentation on a mobile handheld device – nothing yet offered from the competition challenges its functionality. Surprisingly though, Windows Mobile is looking to heed that call with their next iteration of Outlook. Microsoft isn’t taking it lightly that Google has seemingly left them high in dry as they push support for Android – all the while the Redmond based company plans on unveiling threaded email views on WM 6.5.3. Although text messaging conversations have been integrated into threaded view, emails through Outlook still took on the old fashion look. Microsoft plans on filling in the gap by borrowing some of the great features – such as being able to organize emails by a single topic, contact, received date, or subject. The guys over at WMExperts provide a small sneak preview of this new feature that’ll be hopefully rolled out soon. 

source: WMExperts


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