Latest iOS bug causes your iPhone to freeze when you tap a specific button combo in Control Center

Latest iOS bug causes your iPhone to freeze when you tap a specific button combo in Control Center
Old-school gamers, do you remember using game cheats and 'unlock' codes on SEGA consoles back in the days? Who doesn't, right? You basically had to enter a specific menu in the given game, and then perform a combo button press, doing seemingly ineffective commands on your joystick, resulting in unlimited life or an unlocked new level, for example. Fun times. 

A publication on an Italian Apple-focused website from yesterday, reports an iPhone bug that can be 'unlocked', using said illogical combos of commands and actions. The site uploaded a YouTube video, showing a phone that completely freezes, when you tap certain buttons on the iOS control panel. What you need to do to freeze your phone is pull out the Control Center screen, then tap simultaneously on a key from the bottom row (Alarm, Calculator, Camera), the Night Shift button, and the AirDrop key. What happens then is that the screen will stay in with the Control Center open and will become irresponsive. After some time, the system 're-springs' and returns you to your home screen, prompting for a code. 

It's plainly obvious that pressing all these keys at once is unlikely in normal use, and is unlikely that the bug will even be spotted by many iPhone owners. The issue, however, affects even recent iOS versions, such as the 10.3.2 beta. Nonetheless, you can safely 'test' the bug on your phone, like we know you are itching to do, without having to worry about messing your phone long-term.

source: AmiciApple via 9To5Mac


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