Labs features graduate to settings in Google Maps update

Labs features graduate to settings in Google Maps update
We've hit a landmark moment in the life of Google Maps for Android, the first features to ever graduate from Labs status to full feature settings has finally happened. As you know, Labs is where Google puts all of the features that aren't quite ready for prime time, but could be pretty useful. It's a test-bed for features really. 

Now, two former Labs options have graduated into full settings: the Scale Bar, and Zoom Buttons. The Scale Bar toggles an on-screen key that gives you the scale of the map, which is useful as you change how far in or out you are zoomed, since the scale could be anywhere from 20ft to 2000 miles. Zoom Buttons are very useful for those who tend to use Maps a lot one-handed. It can be awkward to zoom in one-handed, and it is normally impossible to zoom out, but this setting puts buttons in the bottom right of the screen for easy access... unless you're left-handed. Both options can now be found under the Display menu in the app settings.

There is also an update to the existing Measure option which is still in the Labs. Measure has allowed for measurement of distance between two points, and now it will also give the elevation change as well. 

The update for Google Maps is live in the Google Play Store now. 


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