LG KC910 is the 8-megapixel successor of Viewty

LG KC910 is the 8-megapixel successor of Viewty
LG just officially announced to us the successor of the Viewty, the KC910. It is an all-in-one multimedia phone, sporting 8-megapixel camera, Dolby sound for music, and DivX and XviD support for video playback. At 14mm thickness, LG announces the KC910 as the slimmest 8MP phone on the market. It has Xenon flash, Schneider-Kreuznach lens, ISO up to 1600 and can capture video in VGA resolution at 30fps and in QVGA at up to 120fps for slow motion effect. Thanks to a built-in GPS, the photos can be geo tagged with the coordinates of the place they are taken at. Other camera features include option for manual focus, face, smile and blink detection and digital image stabilizer. The KC910 is a quad-band GSM with support for HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, has Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi, microSD slot for up to 8GB of memory, 3-inch WQVGA 240x400 touch display and TV-out for watching images or videos on larger screen. There is no information if it will run on the same interface as the Viewty and the KF700, or on a new one. LG says that it will come to the market in October of this year.

LG KC910 Specifications

source: LG

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1. johnn unregistered


106. narendra unregistered

i wish i had it....!

109. unregistered

I now have one and I luv it. Never again shall a Nokia darken my door step :))

114. unregistered

just ordered mine offhttp://www.buymobilephones.net/mobile-phones/fulldetails-r346212930-256378.ihtml?adnetwork=af&adnet work=af on contract. Can't wait.... looks awesome. Peace x

2. unregistered

Absolutely awesome phone! I just hope it has better image quality than the Viewty did... it better hope it does to rival the Samsung Innov8's spectacular image quality! Good on you Lg! Keep it up!

3. kris unregistered

Whats the point of an 8 Megapixel camera if your screen is only 400 x 240 pixels...

15. unregistered

are you serious...maybe some people do more with their photos than just look at them on the cell phone

20. unregistered

Yeah, anyone serious enough to need 8 mpix will use a real camera with real optics and sensors.

24. mladen unregistered

... for example you can print really big photos

41. unregistered

I don't know if you know this, but 12 MP cameras have 320x240 screens.

74. unregistered

Well, actually there's no point of having 8 MP yet. Mobile phones have way to little "camera-hardware" to get high-res pictures like a "real" camera with 8MP. The pictures on this phone will be as good as if it was 5 MP. But it looks nice on the paper though ;)

86. unregistered

um dude. i dont know about ya'll but first off camera's dont have insurance on them like phones do. if you break a camera it's a long process to get it fixed. when you're in the mosh pit and you wanna take a video of your favorite bands playing you dont want a fucking camera haning around your neck. whip your your phone and snag a vid or pic. or if you're skating and you happen to be video taping someone varial fliping off of the stairs at school you can video tape it. get real dude. the camera is a nice add on. and you're retarded if you think someone is going to lug a caear around with them as well as a cell phone. both in one.

89. unregistered

lol tru dat tru dat, ive just this second ordered mine, shud b here on wednesday

98. unregistered

I have one of these and my brother has the old 5mp viewty - we compared them and even tho the screens are pretty much the same there i a huge difference in quality. I have to say this phone is amazing in so many ways

108. unregistered

LMFAOOO true, i have ordered minee whoooop it betaah be as gurd as it sounds lol.

115. unregistered

I've got the LG Viewty which is awesome and this phone is coming tomorrow. I'll do a full comparisson and write it up! It looks pretty god damn good though. :-)

4. alastiar unregistered

@kris they are talking about an image on computer. beside 400x240 isn't bad at all

5. kris unregistered

Yea, I understand that you will upload your photos to the PC. And I get that the camera can be good. But it seems silly that the successor to the Viewty wouldnt have an upgraded screen. Its not too bad, but I am thinking about the HTC T-Diamond. 2.8 inch screen, 640 x 480 resoultion...

65. afrothunder unregistered

HTC TouchDiamond? Are you big on S&M or something? I will never buy an HTC phone again until they start making products that last a couple months without complete frustration. I'm either going back to LG, Nokia, or Apple next time.

97. unregistered

go nokia n95 8gb or n96 bud

6. iName unregistered

megapixels dont mean crap, give us optical zoom!

23. unregistered

ever see any pictures from the samsung g800 it had optical zoom and the quality was terrible!

50. unregistered

so youre saying the optical zoom didnt help at all? digital zoom degrades photo quality!

104. unregistered

dont zoom then? why do you need to zoom - just crop the image to size if you want a tighter range. You've got 8MP to play with. You simply can't fit optical zoom in a phone and have good quality photos at all ranges. The optics in compact lenses are terrible which is why most cameras are fixed zoom. optical zoom just sucks more battery life, makes the phone thicker, means you have worse optics. And you're wrong when you say digital zoom degrades quality. digital zoom is just lowering the effective image size. So if you zoom in a bit the image will be smaller and only 5MP. Same quality as before just slightly smaller image. It doesn't keep it 8MP size and zoom in by dithering. Same can be achieved by cropping.

105. unregistered

trust me... digital zoom does degrade quality. When you use a digital zoom it simply enlarges the image...Doesn't magnify the lenses at all. Its like on paint when you get a small image and make it bigger.. It becomes really bad quality and all pixely and lame.

7. frenchdude unregistered

Awesome, perfect... but: design sucks

55. unregistered

design is beutiful and simple

63. unregistered

i agree the design blows should have thrown in QWERTY and removed the three button things... basically just put the camera on the XPERIA

99. unregistered

think you'll find it does have qwerty - you just need to turn the phone on its side and the qwerty touch keyboard appears automatically

8. steven87 unregistered

Does anyone know if it works on Windows Mobile or Google Android?

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