LG KC550 is a 5-megapixel cameraphone on a budget

LG KC550 is a 5-megapixel cameraphone on a budget
LG officially announced the presence of its KC550, which is a 5-megapixel slider that will come at an affordable price. Its Schneider-Kreuznach autofocus lens are protected by a sliding cover and so is the flash, which unfortunately is LED instead of Xenon (as with the Viewty). However, the feature set is not modest, with ISO 800 and (digital) image stabilization.

KC550 is also touted for its “fast processor” which helps for previewing the large 5-megapixel photos fast and even to play “DVD” videos with resolution up to 720x480 and 30 frames per second. Although, DivX is not supported (unlike the Viewty), we hope LG has packed it with XviD codec in order to allow it to play really high-quality clips.

Similar to the LG Secret, the KC550 has integrated sensor, which allows it to take advantage of the six preloaded “motion sensitive” games, controlled by moving the phone itself. Other features include microSD slot, Stereo Bluetooth and QVGA display, packed into 0.56” (14.3mm) slim body.

It is a mid-level phone, dedicated to its camera and video playback. Unfortunately, it is a tri-band GSM without 3G, targeting the European market.

LG KC550 Specifications

source: LG



1. unregistered

Europeans get all the good phones

9. fede unregistered

no solo europa tiene los mejores moviles, en Argentina tambien, yo lo tengo hace 3 semansas al LG 550

2. unregistered

this may be a mid-range phone, but it has high end features. it is even especialy high end in n america, i want it!

10. random unregistered

this fone stinks... in a week it started disfunctioning..... the buttons r stupid

3. unregistered

It is true that the Europeans get phenomanal phones. At the same time it seems like all the good/great phones are GSM. Seeing how the wireless company I work for is CDMA it gets very frustrating wathching all these cool phones come out knowing that I cant use them.

4. unregistered

Work for a better company.

5. apb1994

Posts: 6; Member since: May 27, 2008

work for GSM

6. unregistered

i work for cdma myself and it sucks to know that there are so many phones out there that i cant use

7. arnas unregistered

i gona enjoyed this phone when i get it!!!

8. unregistered

im getin it 2moz from virgen 15 pond a month 150 mins 150 tx spred the word lol

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