LG Intuition: the tablet that fits in your pocket

LG Intuition: the tablet that fits in your pocket
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These are interesting times for the mobile industry. Not only because it's developing at an extremely rapid pace, but also because we're seeing some very cool and innovative products on the market, made possible by the latest breakthrough engineering technologies. One such example is the LG Intuition™ available on Verizon Wireless.

The LG Intuition™ is a very powerful handset with a large, 5” screen, which allows it to offer tablet-like functionality. The QuickMemo™ feature, for example, allows the customer to quickly capture a screenshot, add a handwritten note to it (either by using the stylus or a finger), and easily share or post it on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

The note-taking experience is further enhanced by the LG Intuition™'s unique 4:3 aspect ratio. This form-factor also makes the Intuition™ a wonderful device to browse the web or enjoy digital magazines.

Indeed, this is an interesting time for the mobile industry. It is the time of large-screened devices like the powerful LG Intuition™, which pack the capabilities of a tablet, in the size of a smartphone.

Learn more about the LG Intuition here!

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