LG Chocolate now in Light Blue version

LG Chocolate now in Light Blue version
We received the first live photo of the Blue Ice version of Chocolate 8550, which is already available in some Verizon Wireless stores and is expected to be available in all of them soon.

Up till now, the LG Chocolate mobile phone came in three color themes such as the Original Black, Black Cherry and Blue Mint. Now, including the new Blue Ice version, there are four color variants one can choose from.

The price has not been changed and is still $99.99 which makes LG Chocolate a pleasant gift for the holidays.

source: Omie



1. Matt unregistered

Finally a picture of the Blue Ice Chocolate! not what I expected but I want to see it in real life before judging it.

3. ainth unregistered

i want a blue color phone

2. elgee02 unregistered

This is exclusive to the VZW Kiosks in Circuit City until Dec 7th, then it will launch at all channels. It is also $20 cheaper at the VZW Circuit City Kiosks.

4. garr unregistered

im getting this phonee=] whooo! love the colorr

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