K-Pop band EXO to adorn a special edition Smart Cover for the Galaxy S8, more to come in the future

Samsung is seriously riding that Galaxy S8 hype wave right now, throwing more and more pieces of marketing at us every day. South Koreans have it even more interesting, though, judging by the recent announcement of a new line of accessories for the Galaxy S8 and S8+, called Samsung Galaxy Friends. The first product in the line is the EXO Smart Cover, which gives its users access to exclusive content from the K-Pop band EXO.

The case is NFC-enabled, which means that upon snapping it onto the Galaxy S8's back, users are greeted with a welcome message, after which their phone is transformed into an EXO device, thanks to the exclusive wallpapers and icons. This is, of course, a very silly idea, though the case itself does seem to actually look pretty good. Plus, the whole thing gives NFC a bit more credibility as a useful technology outside of mobile payments, so we'll take it.

Samsung Galaxy Friends was announced as an accessory line, rather than a case one, which leads us to believe that products in it may expand beyond just Smart Covers. So what's next? A CL wireless charger? G-Dragon DeX Station? We don't know, but we're genuinely excited to find out.

As for the EXO Cover, it will, understandably, only be sold in South Korea for now. Its price is reported to be 44,000 won, which adds up to about $40. It will come in versions both for the smaller S8 and its larger sibling, the S8+


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