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Jolla's Sailfish OS now compatible with Android hardware and apps

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Jolla's Sailfish OS now compatible with Android hardware and apps

Finnish-based Jolla, responsible for the MeeGo-spinoff that is the Sailfish OS, has today announced that it has hit a major milestone by achieving compatibility with both Android apps, and the hardware that usually powers Google's OS.

This will definitely make Sailfish a considerably more enticing option for manufactures that would usually think long and hard before getting involved with a new OS. And Android's sheer popularity, while a part of the equation, is hardly the sole reason for OEMs' abstinence from experimenting – as great as the OS itself may be, in the end it's only as good as its app ecosystem is extensive. In the case of Jolla and its nascent Sailfish OS, the aforementioned problem should prove to be much less of an issue, seeing as the company is already boasting that ultra-popular apps such as Spotify, WhatsApp and Instagram are fully functional on Sailfish. This has the potential to convince quite a few more manufacturers to give Sailfish a spin.

As is to be expected – it's not all good. While Jolla's brainchild won't have app developers code their titles from scratch, the Finnish company says that the Play Store won't be available. Instead, Jolla will be working with third party app stores, which are pretty popular in places like China (which, incidentally, is a market Jolla is specifically targeting), but not nearly as much in the West.

Jolla also didn't miss the opportunity to mention Nokia and its recent deal with Microsoft, and, naturally, attempt to make the best of it:

In case you didn't know, Fins, naturally, haven't taken the news that the company that has turned into a sort of national symbol has been sold off very well. As you probably guessed, this means that Jolla will have the opportunity to swoop in and fill the vacuum left behind – after all, the company is made up of Nokia refugees.

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