Jobs biographer calls Google more innovative and says Tim Cook needs a team

Jobs biographer calls Google more innovative and says Tim Cook needs a team
Here's a pro tip for all the readers out there: just because you write a lot about a certain topic doesn't necessarily make you biased for it, nor does it necessarily make you a fanboy. We've seen Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak speaking highly of Google and various Android manufacturers (multiple times), and now Steve Jobs' biographer Walter Isaacson is also coming out in favor of Google's current efforts.

Isaacson is apparently very impressed with Google's recent acquisition of Nest, and has high hopes for the company's future with the Internet of Things. Isaacson says that the "greatest innovation today is coming from Google" right now, and with the purchase of Nest it is showing "an amazingly strong, integrated strategy that Google has to connect all of our devices, all of our lives … the Internet of things is actually real, there are these devices we’re gonna want to have and Google’s going to get ahead of that game." 

Part of the problem, according to Isaacson is that Tim Cook hasn't found his market for disruption. Jobs was always looking to disrupt new segments with products like the iPod and iTunes, then the iPhone, and finally the iPad; but, Cook has yet to find his market, though he has been looking at wearables, TVs, and even cars. Another problem is that the Apple board of directors is still filled with Jobs' team, and doesn't have the personnel to back Cook on a moonshot project. 

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