JD Power rates U.S. cell phone providers

JD Power rates U.S. cell phone providers
JD Power and Associates is famous for ranking many different types of consumer products. Up today is their scoring of US based cell phone providers. This round’s study included more than 22,000 wireless customers, representing every region of the country. They were asked about their experience with the seven deadly sins of bad wireless service: dropped calls; static/interference; failed connection on the first try; voice distortion; echoes; no immediate voice mail notification; and no immediate text message notification.

Northeast Region: Verizon Wireless ranks highest, with fewer customer-reported problems in dropped calls, initial connections and static/interference compared with the regional average. AT&T came in 2nd, with Sprint and T-Mobile tied in 3rd place.

Mid-Atlantic Region: Verizon Wireless ranks highest for an eighth consecutive time, with fewer customer-reported problems regarding initial connections compared with the regional average. AT&T is in 2nd place, with Sprint and T-Mobile in 3rd.

Southeast Region: Alltel ranks highest in the region, with customers reporting fewer problems than the regional average in dropped calls and voice distortion. Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile tied for 2nd, and Sprint and AT&T tied for last.

North Central Region: U.S. Cellular and Alltel rank highest in a tie. U.S. Cellular customers report fewer problems in dropped calls, static/interference, echoes, voice distortion and late voice message notifications. Alltel customers experience fewer problems with dropped calls, initial connections, static/interference and voice distortion compared with the regional average. Verizon Wireless came in a close 2rd, with AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile tied in 3rd place.

Southwest Region: Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless tie to rank highest in the region. Sprint Nextel customers report fewer problems regarding initial connections. Verizon Wireless customers experience fewer problems with dropped calls, static/interference, voice distortion and failed voice message notifications compared with the regional average. In 2nd place is T-Mobile, with last palce going to Alltel and AT&T.

West Region: Verizon Wireless ranks highest in the region, with customers reporting fewer problems in dropped calls, initial connections, static/interference, echoes and voice distortion than the regional average. In 2nd comes little-known Qwest, 3rd is a tie for Alltel and Sprint, and bringing up the rear is T-Mobile and AT&T.

Customer Care: Forty-nine percent of wireless customers have contacted the customer care service center for assistance within the past year—an increase from 47 percent reported six months ago. Additionally, among customers who contacted the service department, 34 percent did so due to service/equipment issues. Verizon Wireless ranks highest in wireless customer care performance with an index score of 103, followed by Alltel (102), T-Mobile (100) and AT&T (97). Specifically, customers report that Verizon Wireless performs particularly well in resolving problems in one contact.

“The fact that Verizon Wireless performs well in resolving issues with one contact is particularly noteworthy,” said Parsons. “Overall customer care performance is three times higher among customers whose issues were resolved in one contact over the phone, compared with those who had to contact their provider more than once for the same issue.”

source: JD Power



1. unregistered

Verizon Wireless Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2. unregistered

yay! U.S. Cellular beats Alltel

9. C-Chicki

Posts: 32; Member since: Sep 03, 2008

If I am reading correctly... They tied.. Where did you pull this warped info from?

3. vzw fanboy unregistered

verizon wireless

4. vzw fanboy unregistered

what do you think of thst report at&t loves

5. unregistered

lol see a part of this is where you are at. I'm in Phx and Sprint does me just fine but looks like I'd be a complainer if I lived in the East. I would hope vzw would have better service based on their rate plans. If you are going to pay more better get better service for your money. I hope now Att can drop that fewest dropped calls slogan.

17. unregistered

If you read their claim it's based on WORLDWIDE coverage. SO no, they will probably not drop it because based on worldwide coverage it's a valid claim. Get your facts straight moron.

30. unregistered

Umm... who cares about WORLDWIDE coverage when most of us spend 95% of our time in America? If someone is dumb enough to fall for that lame slogan, then they deserve the poor service they get. It's the same with "more bars in more places." Why do I care if they get coverage in places that I am not going to be. In America, where it counts, both their slogans are null.

33. unregistered

Forget about worldwide and focus on America, just as you just said. I live in Phoenix too and have Verizon Wireless. I happen to know for a fact that both Sprint and Alltell have great Market coverage IN THIS AREA. Try driving outside of phoenix and you will find out that Sprint & Alltel just won't work as well or in nearly as many places as Verizon Wireless will and does. And although you may not travel outside of a 30 mile radius...there are over 300 million people in this country and I'm pretty sure they all want great coverage. The majority can have it with Verizon Wireless as it has the most coverage of any wireless provider in this country.

34. unregistered

I think you got me wrong, I have VZW as well. My comment was mocking AT&T's slogans. There is no doubt in my mind that VZW is the best network in America.

6. unregistered

Best network + best customer service + (now) great phones (HTC Touch Diamond, Pro, Samsung Omnia) = #1...Verizon Wireless. End of discussion. No more debate. J.D. Power has spoken.

8. MMMEEEE unregistered

Omnia? Diamond Pro?

18. unregistered

Lol you can't pay me to say Verizon has great phones. The Samsung OMNIA is already available on AT&T, just without 3g. That's the beauty with GSM phones, doesn't matter where they're released as long as they have a compatible radio they'll work in the US. They're just now getting a phone worth being on Verizon for in the Touch Pro, but as we all know Verizon nickels and dimes everything so have fun paying more than you would on another carrier. Other than those two phones what else is there that doesn't have a better counterpart?

32. unregistered

If you call "the beauty with GSM phones" the ability to take top notch European phones and use them on a sub par network, then your perception of beauty is quite flawed. I am not sure if you are aware, most likely not, but you can do the same with Verizon. If you can afford to purchase a CDMA phone from South Korea (their phones are as good, if not better than European phones), then you can activate it on the best network in America (as per JD Power). As long as VZW approves the device of course. Also, VZW is getting the Diamond and Pro as well as the Bold and Storm from Blackberry, which are all noteworthy device in my opinion.

7. unregistered

Ditto. Can you hear me now?

10. unregistered

the beauty of it all is, verizon wins... oh.. and verizon buys alltell and rural. so verizon wnis more... yay verizon.

11. Anomalies

Posts: 61; Member since: Jun 08, 2008


12. unregistered

mmmm seems to me this study as done with only about 22000 people.............when there are millions who use cell phones..they only took a sampling ..and yes i use Sprint

13. unregistered

lol 22000 ppl sounds like that would be enough

16. unregistered

how is 22,000 people enough when Verizon and AT&T combined have about 140 MILLION customers?!?!?!

37. unregistered

Did you read the article?? It's a sampling of ALL regions of the country...not like they posted a sign saying "who wants to rate their carrier??" How do you think they poll for presidential elections or complete ANY survey in this country?? A random sampling that represents all varieties and areas of the American People. NOT EVEN 140 MILLION PEOPLE VOTED IN THE 2004 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and you want that many in a cell phone carrier survey??? GET REAL LOL!!

14. vzw fanboy unregistered

haha yea that does sound like alot of ppl to me. i heart verizon

15. unregistered

The only real carriers are At&t and T-Mobile. The rest are just old technology wrapped in a fancy package. GSM technology is used globally and T-Mobile and At&t will always be in the lead in terms of quality cell phones, technology, and globalization.

19. unregistered

Actually At&t and T-mobile uses older technology. I mean T-mobile just starting building a 3G network. Altell, Verizon and Sprint have been running 3G for years now. Also look at data speeds Sprint and Verizon have the fastest and best connections Nation Wide. Plus who cares about the best Global Coverage, How many people travel outside the US enough with there phone to make it worth while? Plus Verizon works in 130+ countries with there partner Vodafone. The worlds largest cellphone provider. Also on the 22,000 people issue, I guess thoughs who thank that is small never took stats in college. Look at polls for political races they hardly ask 3,000 to 4,000 people for the whole country 350 million plus. So 22,000 is a large sample!

27. unregistered

i agree with the original poster...and he's referring to the CDMA of Verizon vs. the GSM of T-mobile and AT&T. GSM is internationally used as a standard for most carriers, CDMA can't compete. And FYI VODAPHONE IS NOT THE LARGEST PROVIDER. It's China Mobile. 500 million GSM, NOT cdma Subscribers. Check your facts next time, yo.

29. unregistered

CDMA is superior to GSM in many ways. More Capacity, More Security, Better Tower Handoffs and more. Not that it matters because Verizon is moving to LTE which will probably lead to the eventual transition to GSM overall since LTE is part of the GSM roadmap.

36. unregistered

Which means nothing if you dont have customers or service.

20. vzw fanboy unregistered

haha lol. tmobile? are you serious? verizon has more 3g coverage than tmobile has in voice coverage! haha lol...yea and most percent of the population dont call people abroad. what do you mean technology!? verizon was the fist to do a real navigation application, mobile tv, they have vcast! i mean come on. The only quality cellphones that at&t has is the iphone and the lg vu. the rest are unknown. the chocolate is so popular, the guy from superbad said "my verizon chocolate" on the video music awards. verizon has the best technology and got it first. everyone knows, the voyager, the chocolate and the env. verizon chooses their phones very carefully so they dont make the mistake of getting crap like at&T phones.

21. unregistered

He said my chocolate on the VMA's because in CASE YOU COULDN'T TELL, Verizon paid huge amounts of money to MTV for advertising. Frankly I think the chocolate is a chick phone and incredibly LAME. You are truly living up to your name and not thinking logically. And being a customer with AT&T means all the newest GSM hot phones you see here on phonearena that are released in Europe and around the world can be unlocked and used with AT&T. Get a life.

23. unregistered

well, i love verizon and laways will, but the chocolate was the worst phone they ever released.

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