Ivacy VPN: get security, speed, and 2 TB of cloud storage for just $1 per month!


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Nowadays it’s pretty normal to reach for a VPN in our daily Internet lives. Maybe you want to access region-locked content, maybe you want safety on a public network, or maybe you just want privacy. Having to pay an extra subscription over your Internet for a nice VPN is often annoying, which is why this incredible deal from Ivacy VPN might be right up your alley!

  • The deal: with our PhoneArena promo code, you get 20% off a 5-year subscription. You can grab 5 years of Ivacy VPN for just $64! That amounts to just over $1 per month for the next half a decade, so it’s a pretty sweet bargain.

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What does Ivacy VPN get you?

Unblock region-locked content

Be it Netflix, Disney Plus, or Amazon Prime — some services don’t offer all their shows in different regions of the world. Some flat-out deny you the chance to log in. Well, turn on Ivacy VPN and choose a region-appropriate server to route your traffic through and you are covered!

It’s the same if you travel abroad but still want to use your US Netflix account — you pick the United States and voila! Or, maybe you don’t live in the States at all but want to subscribe to Disney+, which annoyingly refuses to take your money if you live in a different part of the world. A quick switch from the Ivacy app and it’s as if you’re there.

Not to mention, online shoppers can often spot deals in some regions, which are unavailable to others. With a quick VPN switch, you might score a bargain that would otherwise have been unavailable to you.

Grab the Ivacy VPN deal here

Use promo code: Ivacy20

Privacy and security

Speaking of travel, Ivacy offers another benefit to those that often find themselves at various travel stations. Connecting to public Wi-Fi networks at airports or cafes can be risky as those can be compromised easily. Anything you view or even details you enter in text fields could potentially be exposed.

Ivacy VPN encrypts your data and doesn’t allow prying eyes to peep in, so your accounts, passwords, and the content you view remain safe.

Even if you don’t travel, we all know that your ISP and the various social media networks we use all love to gobble up our data and sell it to the highest bidder. You don’t have to be doing something illegal to feel a bit creeped out by the fact that what and when you do online isn’t a tightly-kept secret.

Since a Virtual Private Network will take your traffic and route it through its servers, your data can only be tracked up to Ivacy’s computers. From then on — your browsing history and online habits are your own.

Ivacy VPN has a Zero Log policy, meaning it doesn’t keep track of nor does it record your activity through their servers.

2 TB of cloud storage for free!

Of course, there are many VPN services out there. Some are free, which puts their reliability into question. And others are paid.

Ivacy VPN one-ups the competition by giving you 2 TB of cloud storage entirely for free, so you can rest assured that you can access your important files and favorite photos no matter where you are — and what device you are using. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can enjoy 2 extra terabytes of cloud storage included in that $1/month price!

Grab the Ivacy VPN deal here

Use promo code: Ivacy20

Guaranteed speed

Another downside with a free VPN is that, more often than not, your speed is throttled down to the dial-up era. Ivacy VPN has more than 3,500 servers around the world and guarantees ultra-fast speeds for both upload and download, so you don’t have to sacrifice speed for security or region access.

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Even better, with the Split Tunneling option, you can route select traffic through the VPN, but keep using any other services as normal. For example, you can keep gaming with your un-filtered connection for maximum speeds, but route your Netflix viewing through Ivacy VPN without having to manually turn it on and off every time.

In fact, since some ISPs love to throttle your speeds to certain services (depending on your coverage plan), you may actually get faster speeds by connecting through Ivacy’s VPN servers instead!

Grab the Ivacy VPN deal here

Use promo code: Ivacy20

Internet kill switch

Everything fails sometimes — even the connection to a super-secure VPN. By default, if your device senses that the connection to Ivacy’s VPN has dropped for some reason, it will automatically switch to your regular Internet.

Now, if your privacy is your main concern, this is obviously a problem. That’s why the Ivacy VPN app has an auto kill switch in place. If, for whatever reason, you lose connection to the VPN servers, the Internet connection will be immediately dropped, so you don’t accidentally go through a public network instead.

Connect the entire household

And speaking of different devices, Ivacy VPN allows you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously! That’s enough to cover your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop PC and still have enough slots to include the family! You can have VPN access for all the gadgets in your household with just one account.

Grab the Ivacy VPN deal here

Use promo code: Ivacy20

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