It´s not just high-tech buffs who use mobile internet

It´s not just high-tech buffs who use mobile internet
According to a recent study by The Nielsen Company, referring to July 2009, the mobile internet usage in the US has increased 34% on the same period last year and the number of people using their mobile devices to surf the Web has grown to 56.9 mln. Contrary to the prevailing trend, ladies now account for 47% of the total figure, a net increase of over 43% on last year. Men still stand in the lead, although women are catching up fast and the difference of 6% is growing smaller as we speak. Men´s favourite websites seem to be Gizmodo, Maxim and NBA, while ladies appear to be hooked up on People, AT&T Search and We are stunned to find out the home page of Kraft Foods comes out sixth, while Victoria’s Secrets can´t even make it to men´s top 10.

Did you know that your grandmom and dad were prone to sneaking out of the room to unleash the power of their cell phones on the QT? No? Neither did we! We are amazed by what the Nielsen´s study reveals - the number of mobile internet-savvy people aged over 65 has soared 67% on last year and there is a substantial growth in the number of people enjoying cell phone-based web surfing in the age band 55-64 - 37%. Both groups make up 12% of all mobile internet customers and while we are beginning to get used to things like posters saying "Taking the old bag for a ride" on pensioner´s buses across the UK, people well into their 60s and over seem to enjoy much better treatment across the big pond. More information about the survey can be found via the source link at the bottom.

We tend to think that the serious increase in mobile internet usage is mainly due to the growing popularity of smartphones, especially those equipped with large screens, since it´s hard to imagine anyone would enjoy browsing Maxim´s on a cell phone with 2-inch display that lacks high-speed 3G functionality.

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