It said, it said news: Apple claims there is no Google app awaiting approval

It said, it said news: Apple claims there is no Google app awaiting approval
Earlier today, we heard that Eric Schmidt had insinuated Google Now had been submitted to the iTunes App Store and was awaiting approval from Apple. This is a card that Google has played before when submitting apps, in part to highlight the difference between Apple's approach and Google's, and partly to pressure Apple into approving Google's apps faster. The trouble is that this time around Apple has responded by saying that there are no Google apps awaiting approval to the App Store.

A company representative for Apple told The Verge that there are absolutely no Google apps up for review in the App Store at all. It sounds like Google hasn't yet submitted the Google Search app update to the App Store, so don't expect it anytime too soon.

If Google hasn't yet submitted the Google Now update for the Search app on iOS, then it would seem that Eric Schmidt just wanted to take a shot at Apple's approval process. Of course, while the Apple approval process does delay apps compared to the Play Store's open door policy, it has been a long time since Apple delayed a Google app unnecessarily. But, Google is sure to keep Apple honest. 

source: The Verge


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