Is RIM finally for real with finger print scanning on handsets?

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Is RIM finally for real with finger print scanning on handsets?
This may not the first time we’ve heard RIM looking into finger print scanning technology being integrated into their handsets, but it’s looking more likely that they are becoming more serious of introducing it. Although you don’t see the technology being implemented heavily in consumer products, business focused devices would classify this as a necessity for security purposes. As for RIM, we know how much their smartphones cater to the business oriented market – which brings up a patent they filed back last year and recently updated on January 12, 2010.

In the sketches provided, you can clearly make out the drawings of some kind of finger print scanner attachment – although it’s still not clear if it’ll be integrated into the body or some kind of add-on. One thing is for sure though – RIM is really serious of introducing this technology into their handsets with the recent update to filed patent. Other thank providing a level of security, it can also be used as a navigational tool – something along the lines of what we see on the LG eXpo.

We’ve seen the evolution of the navigational device in RIM’s portfolio; from the jog wheel, trackball, and trackpad. It’d be hard pressed to see these become a standard feature, but we’d surmise it’ll be available for high-level corporations, governments, etc. This may ultimately turn out to become the next level of security and navigation on future BlackBerry handsets.

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1. overratediphone

Posts: 26; Member since: Sep 09, 2009

im kinda amazed no phone company has done this yet ... the technology has been around for a while ... ibm has had it on their laptops for god knows how long now ... and how much cooler would the droid of been if they had put a fingerprint scanner in the corner where that stupid track pad is

2. SamTime

Posts: 253; Member since: Nov 07, 2009

It really doesn't serve much of a purpose on an android handset. Berrys and winmo I understand but not android, symbian, or iPhone.

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