Internets go crazy for (probably fake) pics of the iPhone 5S

Internets go crazy for (probably fake) pics of the iPhone 5S
The Apple iPhone 5 has only been out for a few months now, but that isn't stopping the Internets from going crazy over (probably fake) pics of the iPhone 5S. The pictures were supposedly taken of a device straight off the factory line, and they may well have been, but that doesn't make us any more likely to believe the images are of the iPhone 5S.

The trouble we have is the leap that is being made in the rumor mill over these photos. The assumption has become that these are pics of the iPhone 5S, but the reasoning isn't strong enough for us. First, the part numbers on the back of the case are all "X"s, which often indicates a prototype. The other evidence to the theory is that because some internal screws are different. Let's just all calm down and remember Occam's Razor, which states that the simplest explanation is often the right one. 

What's more likely: changes in the internal screws indicate that Apple has begun producing the next gen iPhone less than 3 months after the last release, or that Apple simply changed the internal design of the iPhone 5? We're going to assume the latter. There is a theory that Apple is moving to a 6 month release cycle rather than yearly, but one quick turnaround on the iPad release doesn't make a trend for us. 

The last issue be have about the rumor is this: what good are leaked pics of the iPhone 5S anyway? As we know from the iPhone 3/3s, and iPhone 4/4S, the external design of the iPhone 5S won't be any different from the iPhone 5. The real interesting info would be in how Apple plans to change the internals of the hardware, and what's in store for iOS 7.

source: eTradeSupply via BGR

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