Instinct available Friday for $129.99

Instinct available Friday for $129.99
Just two days before launch Sprint has dropped the price of the Instinct from $199.99 down to $129.99, after a $100 mail in rebate. The move is most likely a nod to the iPhone 3G's $199 staring point, but whatever prompted it the Instinct will be a practical steal. Sprint also confirmed that the phone will be available in all direct channels on Friday, June 20th. The press release mentions that Best Buy will be Sprint's exclusive retail partner on the Instinct through August 28th, though it's not exactly clear what that means. Most likely, they will be the only non-exclusive dealer with rights to the Instinct, because direct dealers already have their orders in. Either way, as Friday approaches all the pieces seem to be in place: June 20th, $129.99, Everything or Talk/Message/Share plan.

Samsung Instinct Specifications | Hands-on

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1. unregistered

damn thats cheap

2. The_Mojo unregistered

This is great news… Finally a wise decision by Sprint on the Instinct. This phone definitely has more value now that it’s a good $70.00 cheaper than the iPhone 3G, but still not a competitor to the new iPhone. I haven’t heard any details on whether the special offers on Instinct upgrades that were going to be made to a select group of 1 Million + exisiting customers is still going to happen though… Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I know that the Instinct will still be required to be activated on one of the Everything Plans, or on one the Talk/Message/Data share plans though.

4. sinfulta unregistered

Your supposedly a reviewer? But say that his is no competitor to the 3G I phone? How so? It doesn't have WIFI, but it does have much faster internet, and quite a bit more features, and it's the same price every month with all the features/services. The phone it self is also $70 cheaper. Last time I also checked sprints 3G Network is bigger than ATT's so what's the need for WIFI when you have faster internet everywhere on there network. I'm backing up Sprint Big time on this launch, it's the smartest thing they've done in a long time.... Even that makes me mad, cause I hate sprint. But I give credit where credit is due.

7. The_Mojo unregistered

Um... the iPhone 3G has... 3G... it works on the HSPA network, an equivilant in speed (if not faster) to EVDO. Also, because it works on HSPA, it is capable of voice and data at the same time, something that is not forseeable in EVDO's future. Yes, Sprint has the nation's largest 3G network, and I never said it didn't, but the fact that the iPhone 3G supports both HSPA and Wi-Fi... is a plus. Can you do MobileMe on the Instinct? No you can't. Can you push sync email, contacts, and calendar on the Instinct? No you can't. You can push email and calendar info on an Instinct through Sprint Mobile Email WORK and an Exchange server, but as a consumer... you can't... you have to rely on Sprint Mobile Email, which in my experience is not the greatest email client created. Please explain to me the "quite a bit more features" that the Instinct has over the iPhone? TV? Satellite Radio? These will all be covered by third party application with iPhone 2.0 OS and SDK out there. How about A-GPS? No... Now, I'm not saying that the Instinct won't be a great phone, and I'm not saying it isn't a iPhone Killer, but I am saying that the Instinct IS NOT an iPhone 3G Killer. So, before you go accusing some one of not being a good review, remember that I provide an un-biased opinion on the articles I write, even though I'm a Sprint user through and through... and I'm also a Blackberry Curve (soon to be Bold) user through and through.

9. unregistered

So in your "unbiased" opinion the iphone 3G is better than this phone because it can sync with an application (MobileMe) that costs an extra one hundred dollars a year or more to use, on top of your cellular costs, and because there is a "POSSIBILITY" that the iphone 3G may (or may not) have applications in the future, also at an extra expense with recurring fees, which would put it on par with this phone out of the box. You backed yourself into a corner with your initially biased comment and you did not alleviate this in your second. As an actual Blackberry user neither of these phones interests me, but your comments did. Dr. K Beth Israel Hospital - NYC

11. unregistered

Fisrt of all, WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? Anways, what I really wanted to say is that the iPhone 3G still sucks compared to Sprint's Samsung Instinct and Verizon's LG Dare. Why? Because the iPhone 3G still doesn't have MMS, no OTA, no removable battery or memory card(which makes most file transfers a lot easier, especially from phone to phone), and as far as your (Mojo) comment on EVDO, I don't agree that at&t's 3G is not faster, maybe just as fast(in metropolitan areas) but definitely not faster. By the way, the iPhone 3G will be outdated as soon as Verizon launches its 4G network. Plus Verizon will be supporting 3rd party apps, OS(i.e. Google Android), and phones from different manufacturers with the upcoming LTE. Furthermore, Sprint and Verizon's EVDO coverage is much better and broader than at&t's. Who needs wi-fi anyways when you can have EVDO access pretty much wherever. I would definitely hate having to try to find a hot spot to get unsecured wi-fi that I can access. I agree with Dr. K(refering to your #8 comment), I just wanted to tell you that I hope you know what "unbiased" means. And you sir/madam sound pretty biased to me. In conclusion, we learned that Mojo's an idiot and very biased of a reviewer, Dr. K is right and quite funny, and that I was just really bored and decided to join in even though I'm only 13 years old blog fighting with a couple of grown-ups (I really am 13, just really into the cellphone tech) But what do I know right? I'm just a kid after all.

12. unregistered

corerction on a sentence in my comment:"I don't agree that at&t's 3G is faster, maybe just as fast(in metropolitan areas) but definitely not faster".

13. unregistered

correction on my spelling of correction. lol! I'm a kid i can afford to make mistakes like these.

14. The_Mojo unregistered

First off, let me apologize for getting something wrong in my post up there... the iPhone is HSDPA... not HSPA.. my bad. I'm not going to continue this discussion as if we all know facts, because none of us do, because neither device is out yet. I have used an Instinct for about a half hour, and like I've stated before, it's a nice phone. It's a great phone, it's a fun phone. Perhaps the problem here is that before the announcement of the iPhone 3G, we we're comparing apples to apples. Now we're comparing apples to oranges. The Instinct was built to compete with the original iPhone, which is a phone-to-phone comparison. Now, with the iPhone 3G (which has become essentially a bonafide smartphone/PDA), we are in a phone-to-smartphone comparison. So, let me try to revise my original statement. The iPhone 3G, is by first looks, a better smartphone/PDA than the Samsung Instinct (and I don't believe the Instinct to be a smartphone) while the Instinct is a better multi-media entertainment phone than the iPhone 3G. Does that make anyone feel better? Yes I know that EVDO Rev A is a larger and yes faster network (my previous statement was based on the iPhone 3G being an HSPA device... which could still happen). No... I'm not an Apple fan-boy. As a matter of fact I'm a Sprint user, and if I'm biased towards anything, I'm biased towards Blackberry! I personally will not be buying either the Instinct or the iPhone 3G, because I'm patiently waiting the Blackberry Bold CDMA (fingers crossed). Doctor K, yes MobileMe will cost an additional subscription, but, until the Simply Everything plan from Sprint, so did your BIS for your Blackberry. And it still costs you extra if you are using BES. What's your point there? If it's something someone needs, like I do, and I presume that you do since you have a Blackberry, I feel it's well worth $100/year for the service, as I have been paying it for years now anyway on my Blackberry. It's actually a slightly better service for the money because not only does it push email, but calendar and contacts too, through multiple devices whether they be iPhones, Macs, or PCs. Personally, I'm also patiently awaiting the US launch of Blackberry Unite, which will give us Blackberry users a somewhat similar service for no extra costs. As far as the third-party applications thing goes... there is no "possibility" about it. It is done, pricing has been announced for developers, and they've had their hands on the SDK for a little while now, and most developers are touting it's ease of use. Developers will get to set their own price for their applications and will receive 70% of the revenues from Apple. Developers will not be charged any hosting fees for software/applications and developers wishing to create free applications will also not be charged anything by Apple. So yes, their WILL be applications that you have to pay for (as their are with any smartphone), but there will also more than likely be applications that will be free. I have absolutely no idea as to whether there will be third-party applications available for the Instinct, but I have not been able to find any confirmation of such. And no, there's not much need for Wi-Fi with a 3G network, but home networking would be one that I would like to use. My home network is much faster than my EVDO coverage, and if I'm at home and wantt to play around on my device, it would be nice, but not necessary. Mr. 13 year old... yes, I'm an idiot. I'm glad you pointed that out, because sometimes I forget. Yes you are right that EVDO is faster than HSDPA. For some reason I was thinking HSPA, which will be faster than EVDO. LTE shouldn't even be brought up, and neither should HSPA for that matter, because neither technology has anything to do with these two devices. And yes you are right that the Instinct supports MicroSD cards up to 8GB, but it only comes with a 2GB, and two get 8GB you are going to spend enough money to kick you back up to the $199.99 the iPhone 3G 8GB will be. Memory cards do have the plus that they are removable and can be used in different devices and such, but they also have to be read through a memory card reader on the phone, which slows down the process of the phone accessing the memory stored on that card. So there are pluses and minuses to both. So, there you have it. I still stand by original statement that the Instinct is no iPhone 3G, and is no Blackberry Curve for that matter. Call it biased if you want... but it's my opinion.

15. Thunder18 unregistered

Here is a link to Sprint's Instinct software developer contest: I'm sure recognizing that Apple has managed to get the SDK out for the 3G iPhone, Sprint has left the door wide open for software development on the Instinct.

16. The_Mojo unregistered

16... that's awesome. Should be fun to watch... if only my java programming was up to speed... I'd have a shot at 20 large!

18. Mr. 13 year old unregistered

Thanks Mojo, that makes me feel more at ease. Your last comment by far is one of the best blogs I've seen on this site. And I do have to respect your opinion, it is your right after all. Good Day!

21. unregistered

That was fun to read. It's a nice break to come here and see two opinions debated based on fact and not biased brand loyalty. Thanks for resarching your facts and having a good clean fight. I only hope more people like you two are drawn to this site.

3. unregistered

i hear there's no IMing

5. unregistered

I can confirm that existing customers will be able to buy this phone on the 19th. I just received an email from Sprint telling me this.

6. unregistered

I also received the same email about a half hour ago. I believe you had to of registered at to receive it...I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve now!!

8. unregistered

I must admit I am not a Sprint fan by any means...I work for Verizon Wireless...but this is definitely a smart move on their part, and I actually do like this phone.

10. Curious George unregistered

DAMMIT!!! I got the e-mail about getting it tomorrow too but i just bought the touch in like march so idk what to do!! is there anyway i can get it (the instinct) for this price????

17. unregistered

Have you guys ever wondered why they never talk about the battery life? Because the fact that it comes with 2 batteries it's a red flag for me.

19. unregistered

it is an added feature and not a red flag playa. if it is then get a car charger.

20. The_Mojo unregistered

An extra battery is cool. An extra stand-alone battery charger in the box is cool. The fact that the phone will turn off automatically when charging by USB... is NOT cool.

22. unregistered

it really doesn't matter what phone you get once a better phone comes out they will switch to that just like the reason people bought the iphone, that just really how it is. i really don't see what the fuss is bout a phone is a phone most pplz only use 6-10 percent of the feature of a phone at longs it can make call it doesn't really matter

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