Hands-on with the Samsung Instinct

Hands-on with the Samsung Instinct
It's already won awards, spawned teaser sites and even a movie trailer, but on Friday the Instinct goes live. The phone packs all the features you could ask for in a scant 12.5 mm thin case. In addition to the full touchscreen interface, the Instinct touts EVDO Rev. A, GPS, a 2 megapixel camera and camcorder, microSD expansion, Sprint TV and Radio, Sprint Music Store, full HTML browser and a super slick speech-to-action program. Sprint has made it clear that they plan to go toe-to-toe with the iPhone, and on paper the Instinct stacks up favorably. The sixty-four thousand dollar question remains however, can it compete in the real world?

Look for our full Instinct review soon!

Samsung Instinct Specifications



1. NowIsGood Fan unregistered

Only 3 days till the launch... and a reviews is on the way too :) This will iphone competitor 100%.

19. unregistered

oooh... him english is speaking gooder

2. Tudy unregistered

It would be almost perfect if it wasn't so long!!! Geez guys, we're all trying to stay a bit compact with our phones! Maybe the pics are deceiving, but I'll wait to see in person.

6. DamonO unregistered

Dude, it's shorter than the M520 when the M520 is slid open. Also, I don't know if you noticed or not but phones went to compact for awhile then they got larger then compact again then larger. Some people actually like larger phones. Not the vast majority of the population but a good portion.

31. unregistered

i agree with tudy, the device does seem awfully long, or tall. The screen it self looks fabulous, but adding so much extra space on top and bottom of the screen, kind of lowers its attraction. The iPhone does this too, I suppose this is just to make a hjome button, or logos or anything like that.

3. unregistered

the ugliest UI of touch screen phones

18. unregistered

very true

4. unregistered


5. unregistered

what website? both the trailer site and nowisgood.com show june 20

7. unregistered

Still June 20th according tohttp://www.instinctthephone.com/

8. unregistered

There was a review on another site hands on and it didn't sound like it was that great. Dropped calls, poor recpetion, move 6 ft and go from no service to 5 bars. Touchscreen wasn't very good at all, they would get the vibration showing the phone acknowledged their input but it didn't do what they asked it too. They said the icons were fuzzy and not crisp at all. Doesn't sound like a winner to me...

14. unregistered

ive used the phone and did not experience any of those issues. the touchscreen was very responsive, even when i tried to trick it. the screen is crisp and clear. i didnt get to leave the store with it, but reception seemed to be just fine

24. unregistered

I saw that review on phonescoop.com. that guy was a total iphone lover and you could tell. Personally, I've used this phone as my roommate works at that sprint store and they got a fully functional phone for the employees to play with before the launch and its nothing like that guy said in his review. Honestly, the data is way faster than the iphone, the streaming media is seamless, the touchscreen is very responsive the UI and icons were not fuzzy and did everything I asked it to, and the only downfall I'd say is the web browser. I do like the iphones browser a lot better. and how did this guy get his hands on an Instinct anyway when they hadn't been released? To me, the iphone is just a regular phone that's all touch screen based. there's really nothing special about it. the instinct has the same features that sprint's had on its phones for over 2 years already. now, it just has a touch screen.

32. unregistered

OF course the reception was fine...you were in a Sprint store. I heard that Sprint phones implode when you take them outdoors. Be very careful...

9. hollywoodgun

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 17, 2008

In light of the "locking lawsuit", does anyone know if the Instinct will be locked? Since Sprint and Verizon are both CDMA networks, will the Instinct work on Verizon?

11. unregistered

It's my understanding that with both Sprint and Verizon the ESN must be added to their internal database inorder to activate it the phone. Once VZW starts allowing the "any device" open access then you may be able to do it.

10. unregistered

The Sprint Corp. store I stopped in on Friday said it would be released on 6-19 to existing customers. Can anyone confirm that or heard the same thing?

29. unregistered

I can confirm that existing customers will be able to buy this phone on the 19th. I just received an email from Sprint telling me this.

12. jrcrow unregistered

who cares?..Sprint already lost $505mil. last quarter and its gettin worse for em.they r revamping their pricing to be tier levels like VZW..doubt that will help!

15. unregistered

So VZW offers a FP with 1500 min and unlimited everything else for $129.99 cuz I'm not seeing it on their site. I see 1400 for $169.99 which includes the national most locked down phones. I'll save my $360 a year and enjoy Opera Mini and ORB and all the google and thrird party apps that I can add at no extra charge.

21. unregistered

First off the bleeding had nothing to do with VZW second off VZW based its Plans off of T-Mobile after T-Mobile won 5 now 6 JD Power awards for customer Service.... Regardless Sprint has the best mobile broadband network and the Instinct will be an amazing addition to the team if not the new Flag ship.....Even underthe shadow of the 3g iPhone the Instinct has a faster connection running on Rev.A and as far as call connection goes It is running with incredible connect from everything i have seen.....that other site previously mentioned was using a demo model or Beta if you were...a good sign of that was they didnt get to test the gps because it had not be unlocked yet. your looking at 6/19/2008 for prelaunch and 6/20/2008 for actual Launch......and the $449 price point is incorrect....fyi

33. unregistered

Your comments are without merit and not completely factual. VZW and T-Mobile have shared the top spot for customer service in some markets, but VZW is the overall NATIONAL leader in customer service. Perhaps you should pay attention to the fine print when T-Mobile makes their claim on customer service. Whether the device launches on 6/19, 6/23, or when your mom turns 100, it's still on the Sprint network. This phone will simply go down with the sinking ship that is Sprint. If you don't see that, then you deserve to go down with the ship.

13. unregistered

Maybe Iphone nation doesn't care but there are actually people out there that don't want to go to AT&T. Samsung is a great company that has been building great phones for years. If you don't care why do you continue to read articles about the phone?

16. unregistered

Exactly....I think someone needs some Haterade

17. unregistered

how much will it cost full retail without sigining another contract?

20. unregistered


22. unregistered

This just in Instinct to cost $129.99 after an additional $70 instant rebate was added. Straight from the hourses houth.... http://newsreleases.sprint.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=127149&p=irol-newsArticle_newsroom&ID=1167445&highli ght=

23. unregistered

Good price, but keep in mind it requires unlimited data leaving you at a minimum monthly service of $70....

25. unregistered

I know it is kinda a downer but my wife and I are both on SERO plans but have to pay for the unlimited text which makes our bill around $100.00. We are switching to the new Everything FP for $129.99 and we will now have an extra 500 min, 7pm nights (we have 9pm now) and unlimited everything else. Even if Sprint let me keep my SERO I would still have to add Navigation since that is one of the main reasons I want the Instint. So in the end my bill is only going up $15-$20 for 500 more min 7 pm and navigation. I have service with Spint since 01' and never paid full price for a plan so I'm willing to stop muching off them now!

26. unregistered

i cant wait to get this phone!!!!

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