Instagram brings back GIPHY integration after the database promises to stop racial GIFs

Instagram brings back GIPHY integration after the database promises to stop racial GIFs
Earlier this month, the discovery of a racial GIF sticker sourced from database GIPHY led Instagram and Snapchat to both remove GIPHY integration from their apps. Today, Instagram has decided to give GIPHY another chance after the latter did a thorough review of its GIF inventory four times, and found nothing offensive. GIPHY also will examine new GIFs before adding them to its library. Snapchat has nothing to announce yet about whether or not it will reinstate its GIPHY integration.

On January 24th, Instagram announced that it would be offering users access to GIPHY's GIF stickers to use in their Instagram Stories. The following month, Snapchat followed suit. The offensive GIF was first discovered around March 8th in the U.K. We've decided not to show you the image of the GIF that led Instagram and Snapchat to take action. It is extremely offensive and disturbing. 

Instagram shut down the integration with GIPHY within half an hour of discovering the offensive GIF. At the time, a spokesman for the picture and video sharing site said, "This type of content has no place on Instagram." The next morning, GIPHY said that an internal investigation discovered a bug in the filter that is supposed to weed out GIFs with offensive content.

GIPHY has released a lengthy statement which you can find below.

source: TechCrunch


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