In loving memory of Sony's Z-series: here are some of the most notable and compelling Xperia Z phones

Sony. Despite that it can't boast a formidable market share, lots and lots of noteworthy smartphones can trace their origins all the way back to Sony's factories. Of course, the majority of these are high-end phones, though Sony is catering to all market niches. No, we are not disregarding its mid-range and entry-level devices, as these offer very good value for money, but being the tech geeks we are, it's hard to get really excited by anything else than a high-end flagship.

And in Sony's case, this means a Z flagship. Sadly, this will no longer be the case.Don't worry, despite last year's flurry of speculations, Sony is going nowhere. Sadly, we can't say the same about the Z series lineup. 

Earlier today, Sony's PR department officially confirmed that the Z-series is dead. Nixed. 86'd. Abolished. Scrapped. Eradicated. No more.

For the good or bad, that's the end of an era, an important chapter in Sony's history. However, we shouldn't dramatize - that's merely a name change. Still, nostalgia kicked in, one thing led to another, and here we are, highlighting our most favorite members of Sony's Xperia Z lineup.



68. nycguy54

Posts: 64; Member since: Dec 13, 2014

Z3 Compact

67. isprobi

Posts: 797; Member since: May 30, 2011

I really like my Z5 Premium. The screen is colorful and bright. The camera can take very good pictures if you can hold it pretty still. The fingerprint scanner works well. And I think it is one of the nicest looking phones out.

64. rsiders

Posts: 2068; Member since: Nov 17, 2011

My beloved Xperia Z3 held back by Sony's lack of commitment to give users a true manual camera. Complete with heat warnings just about every time you fire up the dang thing in any kind of heat. So glad I left that for the V10. Otherwise, the Z3 was the perfect phone for me.

59. MacWiNux

Posts: 128; Member since: Jan 07, 2014

how about the ZR before z1 compact there was zr the z baby brother :D

58. Totse2k15

Posts: 479; Member since: Feb 11, 2014

Same old design...

60. S.R.K.

Posts: 678; Member since: Feb 11, 2016

Which Sony stands out with thier omnibalance rectangular design.

54. 27satz

Posts: 158; Member since: Apr 28, 2014

My first super smartphone is Xperia Z.

53. Joulukas

Posts: 115; Member since: Jun 05, 2013

Best Sony Z ever was Ultra aka. a mans phone. Still rocking, still nothing to replace it with!

49. ryq24

Posts: 876; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

changing the letter from Z to X will not work if they continue to do poorly in the marketing department and also selling overpriced phones.

48. johnh3

Posts: 156; Member since: Aug 23, 2012

I think the new X series was interesting. Why make a bunch of flagship phones every six months? Maybe one be enough every 8 to 12 months instead. So I guess Sony made the right move.

47. Astoni

Posts: 649; Member since: Sep 28, 2013

lol, z1 "stood on par with any high-end phone you could throw at it" don't make me laugh. i had the phone for 7 months. i switched afterwards...

46. ermond012

Posts: 26; Member since: Sep 13, 2013

All the Z phones are pretty great. I know everyone has their preference and it's sad that some aren't giving Sony a chance. Yes, their phones have flaws just like anybody else but I guess it's how you embrace these flaws and get the most out of it that makes them great. Had a Z1 which was a great device then currently using Z3+ Dual which is a veey nice device and I am very happy about it. Very contented.

45. anleoflippy

Posts: 596; Member since: Jan 03, 2013

I still use the first gen Xperia Tablet Z and during it's time it was the boss!

44. Trakker

Posts: 283; Member since: Feb 11, 2016

It's a shame Sony phones now have no real style or imagination about them, but I used to love the look of the old Sony phones before they became Sony Ericsson.

43. Chuck007

Posts: 1421; Member since: Mar 02, 2014

Oh, and most of all I think the poor camera performance of the Xperia Z line ruined it. Sure the Xperia Z5 was noticeably better, but night shots (excluding HTC and other value brands which are arguably even worse) were still a noisy mess compared to the competition.

37. Xperia14

Posts: 1208; Member since: Sep 01, 2015

Ahh MWC 2014, where the Z2 stole the show. The Z2 was an excelent phone for that time. I pre-ordered it immediately and was one of the first to recieve it. The Z3(c) and Z5 were also very good. Sad days for Xperia fans.

36. Tsepz_GP

Posts: 1227; Member since: Apr 12, 2012

Only notable Z was the Z Ultra.

34. avishekmukherjee

Posts: 362; Member since: Apr 09, 2015

I love my Z3

33. MichiGo

Posts: 173; Member since: Sep 09, 2014

Z3/Z3compact were the best phones out of the Z series

32. khalid123

Posts: 29; Member since: Feb 27, 2016

iPhones and galaxy phones are nothing people goes maid because of using iPhones and galaxy phones xperia is better phones ever I see do u agree

42. keithtae

Posts: 564; Member since: Mar 25, 2015

What the f**k did you just say?

31. Chuck007

Posts: 1421; Member since: Mar 02, 2014

The X series in black is pretty decent, but my point still stands. Why release a whole new series and pretend it's all special when it's nearly identical to the Z series?

24. Wolf_Blitza

Posts: 64; Member since: May 30, 2014

The ZL deserves an honourable mention. 5.0" screen, and a 75% screen-bezel ratio, VERY few non-phablets have matched that accomplishment.


Posts: 334; Member since: Mar 24, 2015

Yes! +1

18. BobLawblaw unregistered

I had the Z, Z1 and the Z3. Great phones. Loved them. But by jaysus they were unreliable. Especially the Z3. Faulty on 3 occasions. Was tempted by the Z5 but decided to go for a Note 5 instead. So far so good..

13. dimas

Posts: 3465; Member since: Jul 22, 2014

"In loving memory of the z series." I use sony gadgets but I don't remember having personal emotional attachment to phones. The z series can die anytime sony wants, it's just a label and people will move on when new and better products are released.

12. yoosufmuneer

Posts: 1518; Member since: Feb 14, 2015

Z2 is the best IMO in the "Z" series of smartphones. Followed by Z5, All the Compact Series were very good too.

23. DerryAhmad

Posts: 296; Member since: May 05, 2012

Agreed. I also think the Z2 is their best Z series. It was ahead of the game at that time. First to adopt the latest chipset, great look an awesome camera. I loved my Z2. Turned to Samsung after that since Sony disappoints. I think they should also include the Z Ultra too. It's one exotic device that many love using.

8. legiloca

Posts: 1676; Member since: Nov 11, 2014

What I can only blame Sony for their failure is the 2 flagships a year cycle with a little to no changes and poor marketing strategy..

7. Shadocx4

Posts: 134; Member since: Oct 20, 2014

Since in the alphabet X is before Z, they are making weaker phones.

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