Humor: What the Apple acquisition of Beats really means

Humor: What the Apple acquisition of Beats really means
Apple’s acquisition of Beats is generating a lot of buzz for every reason you can think of. While Beats’ paid subscriber count is certainly not what made this an attractive buy, its headphone unit makes money, and the fees Beats pays for streaming music rights are rock-bottom, making Beats, along with its music industry centric team, an attractive buy, even at $3 billion and change.

Like we reported last week, Apple plans to leverage Beats headphone design toward improving build and sound quality across the board. That is sure to benefit future ear-pod designs, whatever they may be.

Of course, the image of Beats will change with the Apple acquisition too, there is sure to be some type of culture clash. Over time, we think the team at Beats will find assimilation inevitable. Soon, what we know of Beats today will be on a memory, left in the shadow of what is to come. When it comes to Apple branded products after all, there is a certain expectation…


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