Humor: The reality of life with Google's Project Glass

Humor: The reality of life with Google’s Project Glass
We know the drill. We know that Google is the supreme aggregator of data. From mapping it all out to gleaning key words in correspondence, Google reinvented the science behind data mining and enabling the most prolific and arguably effective advertising mechanism on the internet.

Google has been able to reach deeper beyond search, services like Gmail, docs, Google+, the Android operating system and the dozens of other Google products are all open and essentially free.

There is “cost” per se however, and that is the content of our data is aggregated in an effort to target goods and services to us.  For the most part, many of us see that as an innocuous trade-off. A few have issues privacy concerns and protection of personal information. Google, as large as it is, is put under the microscope often by regulators over such concerns as well. What is the practical reality of a project like Google Glass? Perhaps it could be something a little like this…

source: The Joy of Tech

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