Huawei just patented a phone with a very unique notch solution

Huawei just patented a phone with a very unique notch solution
The notch is perhaps the most controversial smartphone design feature ever. It’s present on Samsung and Motorola’s mid-rangers, LG’s flagships, Apple’s 2019 iPhone XR, and most of Huawei’s recent smartphones. But in the hope of removing it, the latter recently patented a rather odd solution.

The smartphone envisioned in the documents, as you’d expect, sports a notchless display which is accompanied by a small chin and slim side bezels. However, instead of pairing this with a pop-out camera module or a cut-out, Huawei seems to be toying with the idea of a rounded upper bezel. 

This idea consists primarily of a regular bezel with shortened sides, a thicker area in the center, and rounded edges. It houses the in-ear speaker and front-facing camera, as usual, while also allowing a larger display to be included without the added cost of a pop-out camera mechanism. Moreover, it looks drastically better than the outwards-facing notch Xiaomi patented last month.

Like Xiaomi’s solution, Huawei’s design will most likely be used exclusively in the low-end and mid-range segments if introduced. However, because this design is simply a patent at this stage, there’s no guarantee the company will ever greenlight a phone that looks like this.

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