How to unlock the screen of the Galaxy S5 without touching it

Imagine this - you are halfway through a chicken wings bucket, and you get a message on your Galaxy S5 that's laying on the other end of the table, then the screen goes off before you glimpsed who it is.

This certainly can be counted as a situation You are in a pickle now, as you want to see if it's something important, but you are too lazy to go and wipe or wash your hands.

Yet another scenario - you simply want to check what time it is, with the phone lying flat next to you, but, again, you are elbow-deep in chicken wings with a barbeque sauce. Well, you catch our drift, but frustrate not, as your Galaxy S5 has a way to deal with these scenarios:

1. Go to the phone's Settings>Personalization>Accessibility>Dexterity and interaction>Air wake up menu;

2. Switch the Air wake up slider to the "on" position;

3. When the phone is lying flat with a locked screen, simply hover your palm briefly over the front camera and sensors area, and the Galaxy S5's screen will turn on for your preset amount of time, simple as that.

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